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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Future Revenue Estimator shows you the estimated revenue during a given date range. This can help you predict how much revenue you are expected to receive during a given date range.

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Important! You can only run the report for 90 days into the future.
  • Future revenue estimator takes in Reservations, additional services, retail items associated to reservations during the date ranges selected.
  • The Future Revenue Estimator will report up until the current date and estimate 10 days out.
  • So the Future Revenue Estimator is calculated on existing future reservations, it does account for the $ collected AT checkout. So if any of those reservations change/cancel the estimation changes. So accuracy is based on those possible changes.
  • It's advised only to run reports for small date ranges, i.e. a month at a time.

How to: Use the Future Revenue Estimator.

  1. Go to Left-Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Future Revenue Estimator.

  2. Enter the From and To date range.

  3. Select the Location.

  4. Click the Generate Report button.


How to: Read the Future Revenue Estimator.

The Future Revenue Estimator is broken up into five parts: Reservations, Standing Reservations, Services, POS Items attached to reservations, and Subscriptions.

Under Reservations and Standing Reservations, you'll see the Reservation Type, # of Reservations, and the Estimated Revenue. If you would like to see reservations associated with the Estimated Revenue figure, click the number of reservations to pull up the list of reservations.  


You can also view the total number of Services scheduled within the date range along with the Estimated Revenue for those services. The fourth section is POS Items attached to planned reservations. The last section shows the Estimated Revenue from upcoming Subscriptions within the given date range.  



Q: Do you know how it calculates the days for the reservation? When I run a res by dates report I am getting different numbers than in the FRE.

A: it takes the entire estimated total of the reservation on the Future Revenue Estimator. The Future Revenue Estimator should be used as an estimate for future dates only, anything that is already checked out should be looked at from the revenue report.


Q: "Does the future revenue estimator take into account customers who have prepaid or have credits?"

A: No, it's only looking at reservations, running pricing rules on those, additional services attached to those reservations and retail items attached to those reservations


Q: "Does future revenue estimator include tax?"

A: Yes, if tax is implemented in their application.


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