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Overview: What are we talking about?

In Gingr, there are several types of forms to capture pieces of information. This article will describe how to customize your Animal Form, Owner Form, Leads Form, Reservation Form, Report Card Form, and Incident Form. We'll cover the navigation steps, extra information, how to use/edit the forms, where the tagged fields display, a power-user tip, and some related articles. 

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Helpful Hints

  • Important! If you delete a field, ALL DATA that has previously been entered into that field on existing Owner and Animal profiles WILL BE DELETED AND CANNOT BE RECOVERED.
  • To save any changes you make to the form, you must scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Save button. 

  • If you add information to a field and then proceed to edit the field name, this will remove any previously input information.

  • If you want to use a field type and do not understand the settings, please set the field to Business Form Only and experiment with the other settings. If you get stuck, contact support!

  • Forms are highly customizable and allow you to add many types of fields and requirements to ensure you are capturing as much information as is important to your business.

Form Types, Navigation & Info

  1. Animal Form
    • Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Animals » Animal Form 
    • The Animal Form is what staff and customers can use to fill out information for an animal’s profile.

  2. Owner Form
    • Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Owners » Owner Form 
    • The Owner Form is what staff and customers can use to fill out information for the pet parent profile.

  3. Leads Form
    • Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Customer Portal » Leads Form 
    • The Leads Form is what prospective clients can fill out to contact your business and provide some basic information. These leads then automatically send to Gingr’s integrated Leads Report.
    • The primary/default Leads Form is what is shown on the Customer Portal. An additional Lead Form can be embedded in your facility's website if preferred.

  4. Reservation Form
    • Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservations & Appointments » Reservation Form 
    • The Reservation Form is what staff and customers can use to fill out information when creating a new reservation.

  5. Report Card Form
    • Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Communications » Report Card Settings » Report Card Form
    • The Report Card Form is what staff use to fill out the information to create a report card for a pet and its reservation.

  6. Incident Form
    • Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Animals » Incidents » Incident Form Tab
    • Click here to view more about Incident Reports.


Using/Editing the Forms

After accessing one of the forms above, adjust the following settings.

Edit fields:

You can edit fields listed on this page by hovering over them, then clicking the pencil icon. This will bring up a modal window where you can make your changes. (Don't forget to save!)



Delete fields: 

You can remove non 'System Fields' from a form by hovering over them then clicking the trash can. 


Move Fields:

If you want to re-arrange how the fields are displayed in order, you can do so by dragging them up or down.rUevcjBfxz.gif


Add new fields:

You can add a new field by clicking them in the Toolbox on the right side of the form. They will appear at the bottom of the form. Scroll down to edit them, then drag them up to position them on the form.



Field Guide

Different field types have different settings. Below is a list of the most common settings.

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Display Label This is the text that will display over the input field. Newly added fields will display with a "Placeholder Label"  
Display Description This is the text that will display in the owner forms under the Display Label. This can contain helpful tips for the user completing the field. This is preferable to squeezing the entire description into the field label.
Field Name

This is the name the system will use to identify the field.

You generally do not want to edit it and cannot edit it for System Fields.
Hide on Customer Registration Form? This field indicates that any new customers registering with the business will not see this field.  
Who is Required to Complete This Field?

Customers and/or Employees must enter data into this field when creating or editing their profiles.

If a field is missed while saving, an error will display directing the customer or user to fill out the applicable field.
Which Reservation Type(s) is this Required For? When enabled, the system will consider a field required when completing a form specific to a reservation type. This can only be required on the customer portal, the business side will not give a notification if this field is required for a specific reservation type.
Who Can See/Edit This Field? This field can only be viewed and used by your business, customers or everyone. If Employees is selected, it can only be viewed and used by your business. It is not visible to customers. If Customers is selected, only customers can use and edit this field, but the data that is entered will be visible to your business wherever you choose to display it in your app.  
Which Reservation Type(s) Is This Field Visible For? When enabled, the system will only display fields when completing a form specific to a reservation type.  
Tags These control where the data for this field is displayed.  If it is a System Field, the data will be displayed in pre-determined places in the app in addition to wherever you select.
Default Value This will input a default value in the specified setting. This will be present in the form unless it is overwritten.


Where Tagged Fields Display

Here are the locations of the Tags selected from the above field setting. 


These fields will show up in a special Details section of the Details tab on the Owner or Animal Profile.


Additional Details:

These fields will show up in the Additional Details tab on the Owner or Animal Profile.



These fields will show up in the Owner and Animal tabs of the information panel that appears when clicking the pencil icon under a pet's name on the Dashboard.




Run Card: 

These fields will appear on your run cards.




These fields will appear on the on the printed owner record (Owner Profile » Print Record)



Appointment Card: 

These fields appear under the Owner/Animal/Reservation section on the Appointment Card feature. 


View All: 

These fields will show on the View All Pets/View All Owners page from Left Navigation: Paw Icon » View all Pets/View All Owners.


Power-User Tip

If you plan on making a lot of adjustments to your forms, you'll be going back and forth to them frequently. It can help to make links to the Manage Owner Form and Manage Animal Form pages in your Quick Navigation.

  1. In one tab, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Owner Form.
  2. Copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.
  3. In another tab, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Users and click the Action button for your user account. Select Quick Navigation.
  4. On the Quick Navigation page, click the Add Quick Navigation Item button
  5. Paste in the URL you copied. For the icon, enter fa fa-user or use any other icon you find here. Save!
  6. Repeat for the Owner Form. Suggested icon: fa fa-paw




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