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Overview: What are we talking about?
In this article, we will show you how to configure your Reservation Types. Reservation Types are the primary services that you offer. These are services like Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, etc. 
Helpful Hint: Before you begin
  • All admin users have access to the admin page controlling these settings. Additionally, admin users are able to delegate this particular admin page to other user groups. Non-admin users with access to this page will be able to make edits that affect all locations in the app. For more information see our article on User Groups and Permissions

Video Overview: Reservation Types


Set it Up: Let's get started.  


Step 1: Create a New Reservation Type.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration and select the applicable Booking Category that matches the new reservation type you're adding (boarding, daycare, grooming, etc). Booking Categories are a simple way to break up all of the reservation types into their main purpose to keep them organized by their general function.

  2. Click + Booking Type and select from the templated reservation types to create a new one which will follow the default settings for that category. Note that once added, by default reservation types that are allowed at the current location will be displayed here. Users can click the Load Types for Other Locations button to view offerings for a different location.
  3. Enter a name for the reservation type.
  4. Click Edit Settings to review and customize the reservation type settings or click Back to keep the defaulted settings for that reservation type template. 
  5. To customize the reservation type settings, reference the field guide below and make any adjustments as necessary. The settings are grouped together in sections to help you find what you need, and a description is displayed for each setting to help you understand what it does.

Field Guide: A guide to all reservation type settings

General Settings Description Helpful Hint
Label Name your reservation type (e.g. "Daycare" or "Boarding"). This can always be edited later.
Booking Category Which booking category is this service type? This can always be edited later.
Allowed Locations Select which location(s) this type of booking can be made for. These locations can be added/removed later.
Description Optionally add a description for your reservation type. This is displayed to employees and customers when creating/requesting reservations.
Color Optionally choose a color for this Reservation Type by clicking on the color picker (this may also be written in hexadecimal color codes #000000). The color will appear on the Facility Calendar. The color defaults to Gingr red if left blank.
Apply Tax? Designate whether this reservation type has sales tax applied automatically at checkout. The sales tax rate is set under Admin » Tax Settings.
How should Gingr calculate charges for this type of booking? Charge by Night/Use for Daycare - Charges for bookings set to this option will occur every night (like a hotel). The first charge will occur upon check-in. The next charge will occur at midnight the next day and every subsequent midnight there-after.
This option should be used for most single-day booking types like Daycare, Grooming, Private Training, Group Classes, etc.

Charge by Hour - Charges for bookings set to this option will occur every hour. Setting your Grace Period will give the pet parent a grace period of 6 min, 15 min, 30 min, or 1 minute after the hour until the next hourly charge in curs.

Charge by 24 Hours - Charges for bookings set to this option will occur every completed 24 hour period. The first charge will occur upon check-in. Each subsequent charge will occur after every 24 hour period.

Charge by Day - Charges for bookings set to this option will be calculated for every calendar day that the booking is checked in. The first charge will occur upon check-in. Subsequent charges will occur every midnight.

Charge Once - Charges for bookings set to this option will be calculated a single time regardless of the length of the reservation. This should be used for Board & Train booking types.
Account Code Optionally indicate which account code the charges for this booking type should be reported on. Account Codes can be set under Admin Account Codes
Booking Options Description Helpful Hint
Allow New Bookings? If disabled, this reservation type will not be displayed on the New Reservation, New Appointment, and Quick Check-in pages for both the business and customer sides of the app, but current and future reservations will not be affected. Past reservations will continue to display wherever you'd expect to see them.  
Is this type used for single day bookings? If set to Yes, reservations of this type can only span single dates. This is good for any form of daycare, training classes, grooming, or any other service where the pet will not stay overnight.  
Is this type appointment based? If set to Yes, the reservation type can only be booked from the New Appointment page.  This allows for a more streamlined view of specialist availability for that appointment type.
Capacity Groups This capacity setting will control capacity by the number of animals who can book this type of reservation on a given date. Each animal from a family has its own reservation and will be counted toward this capacity number. If you would like to control capacity by available boarding rooms, leave this setting blank and use the below Capacity by Lodging setting instead. This capacity setting will only control the capacity for this specific reservation type and cannot combine with the capacity of other reservation types (e.g. Half Day Daycare and Full Day Daycare will have their own unique capacity).
Is capacity based on available lodgings? If set to Yes. Capacity for this type of reservation will be controlled by how many lodgings are available for the selected dates of the reservation.  
Interval This interval is the space between the times you can select for reservation start and end times. For example: 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45 is a 15 minute interval; 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 is an interval of 30. Enter the interval in minutes.  
Show availability calendar to employees? Should employees see an availability calendar for this booking type when creating a booking?  


Communication Options Description Helpful Hint
Email Reminder Minutes Before Start If you have the send reservation reminder email system setting turned on, this is where you set the number of minutes before the reservation's start that the email will be sent.  
SMS Reminder Minutes Before Start If you have the send reservation reminder SMS system setting turned on, this is where you set the number of minutes before the reservation's start that the SMS will be sent.  
Email Survey Minutes After Checkout If you have the Survey feature enabled, this setting dictates how many minutes after checkout you want the survey to send. Please divide the number of hours or days by minutes to enter a number of minutes here.  
Email Survey Every Number of Reservations If you have the Survey feature enabled, this setting dictates the interval of reservations at which the survey will send.

Leave blank if you do not want surveys to send for this reservation type!

  • 0 will make the survey send on the first reservation, but never again 
  • 1 will make the survey send every reservation number such as 
  • will make the survey send on the first reservation, then on the 5th, 10th, 15th reservations, etc.
Dropoff times This is a free-text field that will populate in email templates when the {reservation_dropoff_times} variable is used. This is designed to give slot-based appointments a drop-off time as slots do not correlate to time.  
Email Custom Text If you enter text here and have the {reservation_type_custom_text} variable in any of your email templates, this text will be inputted for emails using those templates which are being sent for this reservation type.  


Check-in Options Description Helpful Hints
Is this type the quick check in default type? Tick this box to set this Reservation Type as the default for the Quick Check-In menu. This is typically used for Daycare Only one reservation type should be set to yes for Quick Check-In.
Show check in form? If enabled, employees will be shown a check in form when checking in a booking of this type to confirm feeding and medication details, booking details and deposits. This panel includes the ability to review and edit services, lodging assignments, feeding, and medication settings.
Check in form Questions You can create up to 3 questions to be asked each time a pet checks in for this reservation type. Check-in questions are limited to a 255 character count. There is no need to ask feeding or medication questions as these are specified upon check-in already.
Automatically print labels during check in? For PetDetect temporary laminated pet collars only. Contact us if you'd like to know more about setting these up. PetDetect is for PCs only and requires special hardware and printing media from IDEXX.  
Automatically print run card during check in? When a pet checks in, a new browser tab will appear with the run card which you may print.  
Show bookings of this type on the feeding report? If enabled, reservations of this type will be displayed on the Feeding Report.  
Show bookings of this type on the medication report? If enabled, reservations of this type will be displayed on the Medication Report.  


Customer Portal Options  Description Helpful Hints
Allow booking requests from pet parent portal?

If set to On: Reservation type will be viewable and can be booked from the customer portal.

If set to Off: Reservation type will be labeled as "Business Only" meaning that it is disabled (not visible) on the customer side of Gingr.  

You will still be able to book this reservation type internally from the business side.
Require a completed booking of another type?

Optionally choose a reservation type here to require that a reservation of that type be completed prior to a customer can request or an employee without permission to override can create a reservation of this type.

Example: Require that a Meet & Greet be completed before allowing an animal to make a reservation for Daycare.

Users with the "Can Override Previous Reservation Requirement" permission can override this requirement.
Self-Cancellation Window

This setting limits a customer's ability to cancel a reservation by the number of minutes from a reservation's scheduled start time.


For example: If you enter '120,' customers cannot cancel within two hours (120 minutes) of the reservation's start time. If a customer tries to cancel from the customer portal within this disallowed number of minutes, they will receive a message in red notifying them to call the facility directly.

The reservation can still be canceled from the business side at any time.
Number of days max start This setting allows you to limit the ability to make a reservation more than X days in the future. For example: enter 90 if you do not want to accept reservations more than three months (90) days before the scheduled start date. Employees that have the "Can Override Hours of Operation" permission are not limited by this restriction.
Show in pet parent portal rates list? To hide the price of this reservation type on the customer side, select No here. By default, all reservation types and prices are viewable on the front page of the customer side of the app.
Show Availability Calendar to Customers? Should pet parents see an availability calendar for this booking type when requesting a booking? If not using a capacity group or lodging by capacity is not set-up, it is recommended that this is disabled to prevent potential confusion from customers.


Advanced Settings Description Helpful Hint
Convert To Changes a reservation type to another at or after a certain period of time. This is typically used for converting Half-Day Daycare automatically to Full Day Daycare.
Once converted, It will not charge for, nor convert back to the previous reservation type. 
Do not use this to convert boarding to daycare. Pricing Rules are used to automatically add daycare charges on the last day of a boarding reservation.
Convert At If set to "convert to," you can define the time to convert it. Enter the time in military time (e.g. 1300 is 1:00pm). For each reservation type that you want to "convert to," you must set up either "convert after minutes" or "convert at." Please only use one of these settings per reservation type.
Convert After Minutes Alternatively, you can define the number of minutes until the Reservation Type converts (e.g. 5 hours = 300 minutes).  
Compound pricing rules? If enabled (set to Yes), pricing rules (multiple animal discounts, extended stay discounts...etc) will be charged in the order of which they were created.

Stacked:  50% discount + 25% discount = 75% discount. So the result is a charge of $2.50

Compound: one discount is applied first, which results in a subtotal. The subtotal then has the second discount applied to it. The result is less of a discount than if the discounts were stacked.  For example: If 50% is applied first, we have a subtotal of $5, which is then discounted by 25%, resulting in a total of $3.75

Delete? Yes to hide this reservation type from everywhere, except the Reservation Types Admin Page, and any related Reports. If yes is selected, this reservation type cannot be booked at all - not from the business side, or from the customer side of Gingr. Can only be reversed by special request: If you turn this setting on, you WILL NOT be able to check-in or check out existing reservations of this type. Please DO NOT turn this setting on unless you are confident you have no current or future reservations of this type.

How to: Set the base rate.

A base rate is the per-unit cost of a reservation before any discounts or surcharges are applied. 

  1. Click the Rates icon under the reservation type’s label.
  2. Choose your location.

    Important! If you have more than one location, you’ll want to set the rate for this reservation type at any of the locations that you offer this type of reservation.
  3. Set the base rate for this type of reservation.

    Important! Leave the for reservations and date fields as they are in order to set your first-rate. If you have price changes over time, you can use these fields to schedule your price changes.

How to: Manage reservation types at multiple locations.

If you are a multiple location app, you might offer certain reservation types that are only available at a specific location or are not offered at a certain location. Luckily, the ability to control which locations these reservation types are easily managed!

  1. Navigate to the Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration page and select which reservation type you wish to remove/add locations and click on the Edit Settings icon.

  2. Click on the Allowed Locations setting field in the General Settings section and select the location you wish to add that reservation type to. If you would like to remove a location, click on the little blue x icon next to the location's name to remove it!


  3. Save your changes!

How to: Disable a reservation type.

If you are discontinuing a reservation type, or no longer offer a reservation type, you can remove all locations from that reservation type to designate it as Disabled. This will place it in the Disabled Booking Category.

  1. Navigate to the Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration page and select which reservation type you wish to remove/add locations and click on the Edit Settings icon.

  2. Click on the Allowed Locations setting field in the General Settings section and click on the little blue x icon next to the location's name to remove it! You will want to remove all locations under that reservation type.

  3. Save your changes!




If you would like to re-instate a disabled option, you can edit that reservation type via the Disabled booking category to add the applicable location(s) and then save your changes!

Next, if you need to include additional services or service options, follow the steps in these associated articles:

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