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The Ingenico iSC Touch 250 is a customer-facing, color touchscreen device that features signature capture and supports MSR (magnetic stripe), EMV (chip), and NFC (contactless) payments. Directly connected to Bolt via a wired Ethernet connection, the device protects your transactions with a powerful combination of EMV technology and point-to-point encryption (P2PE), making each transaction secure and PCI compliant.

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Video Tutorial:

Setting up the Device:

What's in the Box?

  • Ingenico terminal
  • Ingenico multi-point mono connector cable
  • Ingenico power supply
  • Ingenico stylus

Connecting the Device

  1. Once your equipment is unboxed, plug the power supply connector into the jack on the Multipoint Interface Cable.
  2. Connect the Multipoint Interface Cable into the Multipoint Port on the back of the device.
  3. Connect the other end of the Multipoint Interface Cable to an Ethernet port (router, modem, wall jack, etc.).
  4. Plug the power supply adapter into an available power outlet.

Confirming Connectivity

  1. Once power is supplied to the device, an initiation process begins.
  2. Once the device has successfully established its IP Address, it will attempt to call the Bolt service.
  3. If the connection is successful, the device displays Bolted
  4. If the connection is unsuccessful, the device displays Unbolted. This means that the device has not successfully connected to the internet. We recommend testing several ports on the router/modem to see if you are able to connect the device to the internet and display Bolted. 
  5. Once Bolted, the device is ready for use. The device may be left on indefinitely or may be disconnected from power as necessary.

Accessing and Navigating the Bolt S.O.S. Menu 

The Bolt S.O.S. menu allows you to access the device VersionDate and TimeServer Properties, and Ethernet Properties.

  • Press +767 on the device's number pad to access the Bolt S.O.S. menu.
  • Press + to navigate down.
  • Press - to navigate up.
  • Press O (green button) to select.
  • Press < (yellow button) to clear.
  • Press X (red button) to cancel or return to the main menu.

Setting a Static IP Address for Your Device

Setting a static IP address for your device is optional. Typically, the device is assigned an IP address automatically when connected to the network. To manually set the network settings for the device, follow the steps below.

  1. Check your device's firmware version to confirm it is version 1.6.1 or higher.
    If your device requires a firmware update, contact CardPointe Support.
  2. Press X (red button) on the device's number pad to return to the main menu.
  3. Press + to navigate down the list to Ethernet Properties.
  4. Press O (green button) to select Ethernet Properties.
  5. Press < (yellow button) to toggle the setting from DHCP to Static.
  6. Press O (green button) to edit the static IP settings.
  7. Press + to cycle between the network setting fields. Press O (green button) to enter a new value using the device number pad. Press < (yellow button) to erase the last value.
  8. Press O (green button) to save the value and continue using + to cycle between fields until all the values have been entered.
  9. When finished, press O (green button) to save.
  10. Press O (green button) to continue with a terminal reset.

Checking Your Device's Firmware Version

  1. Access the Bolt S.O.S menu 
  2. Press O (green button) to select Version in the menu list.
  3. The current firmware version installed is displayed on the screen. Press X (red button) to return to the main menu.

Configure Device Settings:

There are a few preferences that you can indicate for your BOLT terminals, including whether to prompt the customer for the total and to take a signature. To set these preferences, in the Gingr app navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin ยป Credit Card Processing.

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Name Give this terminal a name. This will display in the payment window when checking out. If you have more than one terminal, remove any confusion between the two by giving them names based on their location. i.e. 'Reception' and 'Curbside'
Status If enabled, this setting displays your terminal as an option when checking out in the cart. Do not adjust this setting unless you are retiring a terminal or have returned the terminal. Feel free to reach out to support if you aren't sure!
Do beep Should the terminal beep when the customer should remove their card?  
Allow Pin Debit Do Not Use  At this time, CardConnect does not allow pin debit on the Bolt terminals, but they may build this in the future! 
Collect Signature If enabled, the iSC Touch 250 terminal will prompt the customer to sign for their transaction.   
Prompt Total If enabled, the terminal will ask the customer to confirm their total prior to inserting their card.
If you are collecting tips, it will ask the customer to confirm their total 2x with this setting enabled. 
Custom Tip Amount If enabled, customers can enter their own tip amount rather than selecting a pre-determined percentage. If enabled, you can only have 3 set percentages under the Tip Amounts field.
Show Tip Bubbles When this setting is enabled, the terminal will display up to 4 touch-able tip bubbles to the customer.

If Custom Tip Amount is enabled, you can only have 3 set percentages under the Tip Amounts field.

Charge Card on Terminal Authorizes and charges cards on terminal.

Required for Clover. NOT required for any Ingenico device.

Troubleshooting the Device:

Device Restarting Unexpectedly: 

The most common cause for a device restarting during the day is the result of an inaccurate time setting on the device. Devices are configured to automatically restart at 4 AM local time. To update your time settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Access the Bolt S.O.S menu.
  2. Press F2 to navigate down the list to Date and Time.
  3. Press O (green button) to access Date and Time settings.
  4. Enter the current date using the device number pad.
  5. Press F2 to navigate down to the time.
  6. Enter the current time in 24-hour format (military time), using the device number pad.
  7. Press O (green button) to save your settings.

Customizing the Device:

Customizing Image/Logo

It is possible to customize the image displayed on the home screen of the Bolt EMV Reader. The image must adhere to some specific guidelines.

For the Ingenico iSC Touch 250), the requirements are:

  • Maximum image size is 480px width, 272px height.
  • Maximum file size is 1 MB.\

Normally, this image would be your logo. You'll want to use an image editor of your choosing (Preview for Mac, Paint for Windows) and resize/crop the image to the appropriate size for your device.

Image resize instructions for Mac ( and Windows (

Customizing Colors

It is possible to customize both the background color and text color on your Bolt EMV Reader.

To choose a color, navigate to and use the tool to pick a color. Once you've found a color you like, locate the color code. The color code begins with a # and follows with 6 letters and numbers. Write down that code. 

For example, white is #FFFFFF and black is #000000.

Request Change from CardConnect

Once you've resized your image and selected 2 colors, you'll want to email your request to CardConnect directly. 

Send an email to Below is an example email template you can use to send to them. 

Important! Please be sure to include your Merchant ID in this email, as well as your resized file and 2 color codes.


I'm writing to request an update to the idle image and colors on the BOLT terminals associated with Merchant ID {MERCHANT_ID}.

Attached, you'll find a suitable idle image. I'd like my background color to be {#XNXNXN} and my text color to be {#XNXNXN}.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


-{Your Name Here}


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