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Overview: What are we talking about?

When the time comes to change your pricing Gingr is here to help. This article will cover how to update your Location Default Rates, Pricing Rules, and Package rates. 

If you would like assistance in updating any pricing settings we are happy to help! There is an Excel file attached to the end of this article titled Pricing Change Request. Download the file, fill out the applicable tabs, and email the spreadsheet to support@gingrapp.com and we will get your new rates plugged in for you. Please note that this is not applicable for large enterprise customers with many locations.


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Video Tutorial: A helpful overview.  

Helpful Hints:
Before you begin

  • All admin users have access to the admin page controlling these settings. Additionally, admin users are able to delegate this particular admin page to other user groups. Non-admin users with access to this page will be able to make edits that affect all locations in the app. For more information see our article on User Groups and Permissions

  • If you operate several different locations, it is important to update rates for each location individually.

  • VERY IMPORTANT! Please set-up and test your pricing rules outside of business hours. Changes happen in real-time and will affect checkouts that may be in progress throughout the day. Be sure to give yourself enough time to set them up, thoroughly test them, and make sure they are correct, BEFORE they are used in live transactions. You can test with your own Owner Profile and Animals. We are not liable for lost revenue or erroneous charges due to mistakes made in setting up your rules, and will not fix transactions erroneously charged due to incorrect setup. It is your responsibility to test your rules before using them with real customers.

  • Location Default Rates - Reservation Types can be pre-updated using "starting on or after, created on or after, etc."

  • Location Default Rates - Additional Services Rates must be updated the night before or the morning of the price change.

  • Do not delete the previous rate until the applicable dates have passed. If a reservation is booked outside of the existing new rate and the old one is deleted then the system will have no value to reference. After all applicable reservations have passed the previous rate may be deleted. 


How to: Increase your Location Default Rates

To increase rates, you will first need to decide whether you want these new rates to go into effect for:

  1. Reservations starting on or after the specified date
  2. Reservations ending on or after the specified date
  3. Reservations created on or after the specified date

For example, say you plan to increase your boarding rates from $55 to $60 starting on January 1. I make a reservation in December for January 15. In scenario 1 (reservations starting on or after), my rates would be the new price of $60/night since my reservation falls after January 1. In scenario 2 (reservations created on or after), since I had booked in December, before those new rates went into effect on January 1, my rates would remain at $55/night.

Once you have decided on that, it's time to update your rates!

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Location Default Rates.

  2. On the Manage Location Rates page, choose a Location and isolate a reservation type. On that reservation type or additional service, change the existing Base Rate Of the item. It's not necessary to make any changes to the For Reservations or Date fields here.

  3. Save your changes.

Note: Updating a price in this manner will affect all reservations in your system to the new rate. Optionally check the Reset Custom Owner Rates? checkbox to update any owners that have manually adjusted rates to the new pricing.



How to: Update your Pricing Rules

Some Reservation Types will have Pricing Rules to automate special pricing (discounts or surcharges) for things like Multiple-dog discount, Late Check-Out Fee, Extended Stay Discount, Free Service After Number of Reservations, Feeding Charges, etc. In this scenario, we are going to copy the current pricing rules to a new pricing rule group so they can take effect when the new rates do. To read more about pricing rules see the Setting Up Pricing Rules article. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Pricing Rules.

  2. Select your Location, Reservation Type, and Group. 

  3. Click the Copy Rules button and select the reservation type you want to copy these rules to or, Create New Pricing Rule Group, and select which reservations this price change will affect under For Reservations.

  4. Set the Effective On for the date you want these rules to take effect.
  5. Click Copy Rules.

  6. Refresh Page.

  7. Select the Reservation Type.
  8. Select the newly created pricing rule group.

  9. The new pricing group now contains the copied pricing rules. Make adjustments as needed for the new rules amounts, etc. and Save your changes.

Note: Pricing Rules can be pre-updated in advance (just like reservation types) using pricing rule groups.




How to: Update your Package Rates

Packages have their own prices set, so these are the last thing to consider if you use packages. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Packages.

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit a package.

  3. Modify the Price field to the desired price.

  4. Scroll down and Save your changes.

Note: Package Rates must be updated the night before or the morning of the price change.

When updating your package prices, there are a few options:

1. If you want customers who already have a subscription (renewed monthly, weekly, etc) to continue getting their old rate:

- Make a new package for the new subscription with the updated price.
- On the old subscription, do not set the status to off as this will stop charging the customer.
- Instead, set "Can Purchase Through Customer Portal" to "no", and rename the package as "old pricing - package name" or something similar to that. This will indicate to your employees not to use this subscription for new customers, but the old ones will continue being charged the old price.

2. If you want customers who already have a subscription (renewed monthly, weekly, etc) to pay the new price just like all new customers:

- Update the price for the old package and everyone will pay that new price when their packages renew.

3. If you only use packages that are purchased one time (they do NOT renew monthly, weekly, etc):

- Update the price for the package, and when customers purchase it the next time they will be charged the new price.

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