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Overview: What are we talking about?

This report will generate a report of all animals who currently have expired vaccination records. When initially loading the report, all animals with expired or missing vaccination records are displayed. 


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Report Parameters: 


Expires Before Filter report to show animals with a vaccination that expired on or before a specific date.   
Has Reservation Starting Between Filter report to show animals with an upcoming reservation during the date range that has a vaccination(s) that is already expired or will be expired at the time of the reservation  
Filter report to only show animals at a specific location.  
Include Banned Animals? Check this box to include pets who have the Deactivated setting enabled on their account.   
Include Animals with No records? Pets with no records on their account are not automatically included in this report. Checking this box will include all animals with no records on their account in the report.   
Include Reservations on the waitlist? Check this box when filtering the report by upcoming reservations to include reservations that are currently waitlisted on this report.  
Include entries with note and no date This will include pets who have a note on their immunization but not an expiration date entered.  Animals with a note but no expiration date entered are considered EXEMPT from the immunization. 
Export to Excel
Checking this box with export the report to Excel upon clicking Generate Report.   

Report Results

Important! Use the column headers on the report to reorganize the data alphabetically or numerically!



Owner Click on the owner's name to be redirected to their profile.  
Animal Click on the animal's name to be redirected to their profile.  
Vet Info The vet's name and phone number.  
Next Reservation Start date of the animal's next scheduled reservation.  
# of Expired Vaccinations The total number of vaccinations expired on the animal's profile.  Clicking on the number of expired vaccinations will redirect the user to manage the animal's vaccinations. 
Expired Types The vaccination type and date of expiration for any vaccinations expired on the animal's profile  


Exporting the Report and Adding Customers to Campaigns: 

If you'd like to export to a CSV file, check the tick box "Export to Excel?" in the report parameters at the top of the page before selecting the blue Generate Report! button. 

Click the "+ Add to Campaign" button at the top of the generated list of standing reservations to include owners in a new campaign email or SMS. 



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