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Use this report to generate reservations canceled within a given date range and estimated revenue loss.


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Report Parameters:

Navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Cancellations by Date Range. Fill out the fields according to the parameters below: 


Setting Description Helpful Hints 
From Choose a starting date to see reservations with a cancellation date on or after this date.   
To Choose an ending date to see reservations with a cancellation date on or before this date.   
Reasons Select the cancellation reasons for which you'd like to view cancellation data within the set date range Reservations without a reason selected will be included automatically.


Report Output:

Totals: This section includes the total number of canceled reservations per cancellation reason that were canceled within the selected date range, as well as estimated total revenue loss. Please note revenue loss data and totals are only available for reservations canceled after April 8th, 2020.



Results: This section includes all applicable canceled reservations during the selected date range. The table below explains each field in greater detail. 



Description Helpful Hints
Actions  The '$' icon allows you to optionally debit the owner's account by creating an open invoice with an amount due.  This can be used to charge the owner a cancellation fee based on the estimated revenue lost.
Invoice Displays the invoice ID for the associated canceled reservation invoice. Click the invoice ID number to access the invoice.  
Animal  Displays animal name. Click the animal name to access the animal's profile.  


Displays owner name and icons. Click the owner name to access the owner profile.

Reservation Type Displays the reservation type of the canceled reservation in question. Click on the type to view the reservation details page.  

Start Date 

Displays the scheduled start date of the reservation

End Date 

Displays the scheduled end date of the reservation.

Canceled At  Displays the date and time the reservation was canceled, and the user who performed the cancellation.  
Cancellation Reason Displays the cancellation reason selected when the cancellation was performed on the business or customer side.  Optionally select a new cancellation reason if one is not listed, or you need to edit the existing cancellation reason.
Estimated Revenue Loss Displays an estimated value of lost revenue based on the nightly cost of the reservation, units of time scheduled, including any pricing rules. This column does not take into account any services scheduled as those are removed from the reservation when it is canceled. Please note revenue loss data and totals are only available for reservations canceled after April 8th, 2020.





The table can be organized by clicking any of the top-level parameters (i.e: 'Actions', 'Invoice', 'Animal', etc.)


Exporting the Report:

If you'd like to export to a PDF file, click the green Print PDF button. 



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