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Use this report to view all active, non-expired packages purchased.


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Report Output: 

Summary Totals - This section includes the total number of active, non-expired packages for all owners. It also displays the number of currently active package credits for that package type across all owners, as well as the total value remaining.

The report calculates the Total Value Remaining using the following equation: (the price of the package at purchase divided by the number of credits at purchase) *(number of credits remaining per the report). For example, if I purchased a package for $200 with 10 credits, this is a value of $20/credit. If I have 5 credits left on the package, the "value remaining" for my package is $100.



Detailed Results - This section includes all applicable, active packages in the app.

Important! Use the column headers on the report to reorganize the data alphabetically or numerically!

Actions Click the action button to access a link to the owner's profile.
Owner Displays owner name.
Package Type Displays the name of the package type.
Location Displays the location at which the package was purchased.
Number Remaining Displays the total number of credits remaining for the associated package.
Expires At Displays the scheduled expiration date and time of the package, if applicable.
Purchased At Displays the date and time the package was purchased.
Expiration Email Sent 

Displays a toggle indicating if the Package Expiration Reminder Email was sent. This email can be edited or enabled under Admin » System Email and sends based on the frequency input under the package's settings on the Admin » Packages page.




Exporting the Report and Adding Customers to Campaigns: 

Click the "+ Add to Campaign" button at the top of the generated list of standing reservations to include owners in a new campaign email or SMS. 

To export this report to Excel, click the "Export" button at the top of the details section of the report.  To print the report or save to PDF, click the "Print" button at the top of the details section of the report.




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