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Overview: Use this report to view all active subscriptions.


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Report Output:  

Results - This section includes the total number of active, non-expired, or canceled package subscriptions for all owners. 


Setting Description
Actions Click the action button to access a link to the owner's profile or cancel the subscription.
The owner's first and last name. 
Package Type Name of package type on the owner's account. 
Frequency Displays how frequently the subscription was scheduled to renew (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or annually). 
Bill Day of Month This is a deprecated field and will not display a value on the report.
Starting on
Displays the scheduled start date of the subscription, if applicable. 
Ends at Displays the scheduled end date of the subscription, if applicable. 
Created At Displays the date and time the subscription was created. Please note that this may differ from the start date if the subscription was created on a date but specified to start on a different date.
Created By The user who created the subscription on the date and time listed.
Last Event The most recent event associated with this subscription. In this report, the most recent event will always be a cancellation.


The table can be organized by clicking or searching in any of the top-level parameters.


Exporting and Printing the Report: 

To export this report to Excel, click the "Export" button at the top of the details section of the report.  To print the report or save it to PDF, click the "Print" button at the top of the details section of the report.



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