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Use this report to review all leads submitted via available Lead Forms in Gingr. Note that the Contact Us page on the customer portal is the default lead form. For more information on lead forms, check out the related articles below. 


This article includes: 

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Receive notifications for new leads by enabling the Notification: New Lead Received permission under Reports & More » Groups

Report Parameters: 

To access the Leads Report, navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Leads Report. From this page, you can adjust the following reporting parameters to tailor the report to your needs.


Setting Description Helpful Hints 
From Date Choose a starting date to see lead forms submitted on or after this date.   
To Date  Choose an end date to see lead forms submitted between the From Date and this Date.   
Filter Data  Use this to search for a specific name, email, or phone number.   
Show New Customers Only  Check this box to only show forms submitted by individuals who do not have a profile created. When a new customer submits a lead form, an owner's profile is automatically created. 
Include Completed?  Check this box to show lead form submissions that have been previously marked as completed.   
Lead Form Type  Select which lead form to analyze when generating the report.  This will always default to the original lead form. 

Add new lead forms or rename the existing lead form under Admin » Lead Forms 




Report Output: Reviewing the Leads Report 

View submitting leads as individual cards or as a list in table format. 



With the card view user have the ability to complete the following actions if the client has an existing profile in the instance. 

  1. Email - This allows the user to send a custom email or a canned email template. 
  2. Create a new reservation
  3. Add a new animal to the account
  4. Add employee notes to the owner's profile.
  5. Mark as complete


If the submission is from a new client, the user will have the ability to complete the following actions. 

  1. Email - This allows the user to send a custom email or a canned email template. 
  2. Invite to Register - This will send the client the new customer registration email template. 
  3. Edit owner 
  4. Add employee notes to the owner's profile.
  5. Mark as complete. 




The table view is formated to be printed as a PDF or exported to excel. The user is not able to complete any actions on the submission.

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Email 
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Have you been to this business before? 
  • If so, what animal names?
  • Questions or comments
  • Location - the location name that the form was submitted for. 




Adding Customers to Campaigns:

You can add anyone who has submitted a lead to a marketing campaign by selecting the "Add to Campaign" icon at the bottom of the Report Parameters section of the page!


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