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This report will show the status of each user's progress on each available staff training course. 


This article includes: 

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

Staff training can be found under the "?" icon in the top navigation menu » Staff Training or from the Onboarding Resources board. All answers must be correct in order to move on to the next topic and the corresponding questions. 

Staff Training videos can also be found by navigating here: Gingr Staff Training Videos. The Staff Training Module already has these videos attached, but they are helpful tools to review at any time. 


Report Parameters: 



Select a Course All Gingr apps receive the "Intro to Gingr" when they first purchase their Gingr subscription. 
Export to excel? Check this box to export report results to an excel file. 
Print PDF Click this button to export report results to a PDF file. 


Report Output: 

The generated report will show you the stats for employees who have worked on or completed the selected Staff Training module. 

Percent Complete

Percent of all users who completed the course

Average Attempts Per Step Average # of attempts per step for all users who started the course
Average Course Rating  Average course rating among users who completed the course



Complete: If a user has completed any or all staff training videos, they will appear in this table. The stats shown include: 

  • User: The staff member that has completed this training course
  • Status: Complete
  • Avg. Attempts Per Step: How many tries, on average, it took this user to complete each page of the staff training module. Higher numbers (over 1.0) indicate this user made multiple attempts to get the right answers on a page(s) before continuing. 
  • Completed Date: The day this user finished the training module. 
  • Course Rating: The user's rating for this module (Scale of 1-5)
  • Survey Comment: If a user left a comment about the module, it will populate here. 


Incomplete: If a user has not completed the specified training module, they will appear in this table. The stats shown include:

  • User
  • Status
  • Avg. Attempts Per Step 
  • Course Rating 
  • Survey Comment 

*Each of these parameters are the same as their "Complete" counterpart parameters above.  


Exporting and Printing the Report:

To export this report to Excel, click the "Export" button at the top of the details section of the report. 

To print the report or save it to PDF, click the "Print" button at the top of the details section of the report.



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