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Overview: What are we talking about?

The New Customers Report generates a list of new customers created during a specified time frame. You can use this report to view which customers were registered through the customer portal or created by a staff user, their referral source, and to see which new customers have future reservations. 

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Helpful Hints

  • This report can be run for a selected date range, several locations at a time. The start and end dates you enter will be based on the date the customer registered. This report is designed for past reporting and cannot be run for future dates. It can be run for a maximum of 90 days at a time. 


Report Parameters

To access the New Customers report, navigate to Book Icon » Reports » New Customers. From this page, you can adjust the following reporting parameters to tailor the report to your needs.


Report Parameters

Setting Description

Registered From

Choose a start date for the report. Customers registered on or after the selected date will display

Registered To 

Choose an end date for the report. Customers registered on or before the selected date will display

Registered at Location Select which locations to run the report for. Customers will populate based on the Home Location selected on their profile

Include totals?

Select this check box to see totals of customers by source as well as if they have future bookings. With this selected a section including pie charts will also appear

Export to Excel?

Select this check box to export the results to Excel


Report Output

Results Totals:

When "Include totals" is selected, a section will appear with information about overall customer data. The number and percentage of new customers with future reservations will display. The number and percentage of each referral source also appear. Pie charts for each section will also appear and can be hovered over for more information on the section. 


Results Details:

A complete list of new customers is displayed with the following information: 

Home Location The home location assigned to the owner's profile
Owner Name The owner's first and last name. You can click this to be linked to the owner's profile
Animal Names  Name(s) of animal(s) associated with the owner's account
Owner Notes Notes from the owner form - this is the field with the system field name "notes". These are not employee notes
Registered by 

"Gingr Support User" means the customer created the profile themselves from your portal's registration form

If a staff member created the profile their name will show

"Self Registered" indicates the owner was imported when you transferred to Gingr

Registered at Date and time the owner's profile was created
First Reservation Reservation type, date, and time of the first scheduled or first completed reservation on the owner's account, if any. Click this to navigate to the reservation details page
Next Reservation Reservation type, date, and time of the pet's next reservation if any are booked. Click this to navigate to the reservation details page
First Transaction Date and time of the owner's first transaction
Customer Source The customer's reported referral source - this is pulled from the referral field on the owner form




Exporting & Printing the Report 

If you'd like to export to a CSV file, check the tick box "Export to Excel?" in the report parameters at the top of the page before selecting the blue "Generate Report!" button. 

After the report parameters have been set and you generate the report, you can select "Print PDF" with the green button at the bottom of the report parameters. 

Additionally, you can print results in a format that includes all the owner form details (not limited to what is on the report) by clicking "Print All" at the top of the results. 



Adding Report Results to a Marketing Campaign

After running this report, you will see the option to "Add to Campaign" at the top of the results. This button allows you to target the customers on the report for a marketing campaign. For more information about marketing campaigns and custom groups please see these articles:



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