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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Future Reservations List report will show you a generated list of all upcoming booked reservations within your facility. This will include both business-made and customer-made reservations, if your facility allows customers to book online via the Customer Portal. 

This list can be organized by many fields, including organized by date, animal, owner, or reservation type. This article will cover what each field means, and give you suggestions for how to use the Future Reservations List report.


This article includes: 

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Helpful Hint: Before you begin. 

  • This report is dissimilar from other Gingr reports such that you will not need to input any information before reviewing this report. Any and all booked reservations set for future dates will populate on this page. 


How to: View the Future Reservations List Report

To organize the information stored in this report, click any of the top level parameters in the table column headings. For example, you can click Owner, Date, Animal, etc. Please review the table below to better understand the report parameters. 




Report Parameters: 

Use this table to better understand what each report field means: 

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Actions Screen_Shot_2021-02-01_at_12.21.25_PM.png In order of Icons from left to right: View the reservation, Edit the reservation, Cancel the reservation, or Delete the reservation. 
Owner Owner name of pet with future reservation Click the Owner's name to be redirected to their profile page. 
Contact Owner's contact information Click the Email or phone number to draft an email or SMS directly from this page!
Pet Animal name with reservation Click Animal's name to be redirected to their profile
Reservation Type Reservation type for which the pet is scheduled  
Start Date Beginning date of reservation  
End Date End date of reservation  
Notes Any notes employees have left.  This is optional and will not always have attached information. 
Reminder SMS Sent Whether or not an SMS was sent out  
Requested by Customer?  Whether or not the customer made this booking via the portal  
Created At When this reservation was made  
Created By Who made the reservation  
Services Any attached services for this reservation  
Status Whether or not the reservation is scheduled.   


Adding Customers to Campaigns: 

This is one of the few reports that does not have an Export to Excel or PDF option. However, you are able to add the generated list of owners to an SMS or Email campaign from this report! 

Click the + Add to Campaign button at the top of the report to choose or create an SMS or Email campaign: 




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