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Kathryn H.


Overview: What are we talking about?

The Lodging Occupancy Report will generate a statistic comparison of the # of lodgings booked at your facility. The outcome will show the number of pets boarding overnight for a given date, as well as show the number of pets boarding on that day last year. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin. 

  • The Lodging Occupancy report will only show the number of animals in that lodging, not the names of the specific owners or animals. If you would like a more explicit report of which pets are in your facility today, consider using the Reservations by Date Range report. 

Report Parameters: Generating the Report

Enter a start date and an end date for which you'd like to review lodging occupancy. 


Fill out the parameters according to these fields: 

Setting Description
From The start date you want included in the report
To The end date you want included in the report
Location If you have multiple facility locations, choose one from which to pull lodging data.
Include Zeroes in Average?  Check this box to include zeroes in your average. If this is checked, you will see the Average column in the report changes to 0 instead of another integer (1, 2, etc) if this or the past year had 0 lodging in that area.

Click the Generate Report! button for your results. You can find the total number of pets boarding at the bottom of this report.


Report Output: Viewing Your Results

The Lodging Occupancy report will generate boarding data by lodging. This means if you have multiple areas within your facility, each area's lodgings will populate in this report: 



You can find the totals of those boarding within your set date range at the bottom of the generated report. 

Please note that if you choose to input a future date into the "To" parameter, only dates that have prescheduled lodgings will populate on the report. For example, if I run the report 3/01-3/31 on 3/02, I may only see a total of 5 dates in the generated report, because only those dates have prescheduled future boarding reservations for pets.


Exporting and Printing the Report: 

To export this data to a CSV or excel file, check the box "Export to Excel" and click Generate Report for a downloadable file. 



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  • Comment author
    Jenn Dahinten

    There are two digits listed under each day. One is slightly larger than the other. What do the smaller digits on the right mean for each day ?

  • Comment author
    Natasha Havens

    It shows the number of dogs in that room last year. If you didn't use the system last year it won't have that statistic and will show 0. 


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