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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Occupancy by Hour report displays data on facility occupancy, broken down by reservation type and hour, for a given date range. This report is a great way to see how many animals were present at your facility at any point during the day for a given date range, and helps you to anticipate staffing needs for future dates.


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin

  • The report excludes reservations that were canceled or never checked in.
  • It also excludes any reservations that are not checked in and have passed their set start time.
  • You can only run the report for a 90-day period at a time.

Report Parameters: 

Navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Occupancy by Hour. Fill out the fields according to the parameters below: 

Setting Description Helpful Hints 
From Choose a starting date and time to see reservation data starting at this date and time.  
To Choose an ending date and time to see reservation data ending at this date and time. To include reservations made in the upcoming future, include a date later than today.


Select any locations you want to view reservation data for. Selecting multiple locations will combine reservation data into one report.  
Include Days of Week Select any day of the week types for which you want to view data within the set date range.  


Report Results: 

Occupancy Graphs

The first portion of the report displays the Occupancy by Hour Graph. This graph provides a visual representation of hourly occupancy during the provided date range. 

The y-axis shows the average number of animals present, and the x-axis shows the time of day starting at 12 am and going until 11 pm.



Occupancy Charts

Below the Occupancy by Hour Graph are the Occupancy Charts. Along the top of the chart is the date and along the left side of the chart are the hours of the day from 12 am until 11 pm. The numbers represent the number of animals present at the facility during that hour of day on the given date.



The first graph shows overall hourly occupancy for all reservation types combined. Beneath that are occupancy charts that break down hourly occupancy for each reservation type for the individual dates of the requested date range.


Printing the Report to PDF

Click the green "Print to PDF" button at the top of the report to get a PDF version of this report.


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