Mac: Triggering Cash Drawer with Receipt Printer

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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All TSP printer's have to be configured to trigger the cash drawer upon printing. This article will show you how to configure TSP100 printer so that it triggers your cash drawer. Please note: that your receipt printer must be connected via USB to your computer and the cash drawer must be connected to the receipt printer via a 6-pin RJ-11/RJ-12 cable. (normal hard-line phone cables either have 2 or 4 pins and will not work for your drawer)


1. You'll want to open your Mac Terminal (command + Space bar) and enter the following code: 


cupsctl WebInterface=yes


and press ENTER 

2. You'll want to open a browser tab and go to: localhost:631/printers

Then locate the Star TSP printer:


You'll then click on that printer > and you'll be taken to the admin page > you'll click from the 'administration' drop down and select 'set default options':


And then you'll go to the Cash Drawer Control and set the settings as follows:


Then you'll select 'Set Default Options' and it will save! 



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