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Disabled Dates

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

In Gingr, you can optionally set a date (or dates) as Disabled for things like holidays, facility closures, etc. Disabling a date in the system will not allow a user (on the customer side or the business side of the app) to create a new reservation that has a start or end date that falls on the disabled date. 

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin. 

  • This feature will still allow you to have reservations that span the disabled date. Ex. You are closed on Christmas day for pick up/drop off, but you will still allow dogs to board during that time.

  • Only members of the Admin user group are able to configure Disabled Dates.

  • Important: Disabled Dates apply to all reservation types and all locations in your app. Use Date-Specific Hours of Operation to close only a specific reservation type or location.


How to: Use Disabled Dates.

Set a Disabled Date

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Hours of Operation.

  2. Once here, scroll down to the last section on the page labeled Disabled Dates. Click the arrow to expand this section.

  3. Click +Add Disabled Dates to add a new Disabled Date or Date Range.

  4. Enter your disabled date or date range. You can optionally set a date to recur/repeat as disabled every year by ticking the box next to Recurring? 

  5. Click Save to save your record.

Delete a Disabled Date

To Delete a Disabled date that has already been created in the system, you will simply click the red Delete button to the left of the date in the system. 



Important: Non-repeating Disabled Dates will be automatically archived from view once the date has passed, but will still exist in your database. If you need to back-date a reservation to start on a Disabled Date, reach out to Support for assistance. 


Disabled Dates in Action

Disabled dates will show as a shade of gray on the New Reservation/New Appointment pages. Users (on the business and customer sides of the app) will not be able to click on the disabled date to make it the start or end date for the reservation/appointment. 




  • What if I want to block off dates for some reservation types but not others?

    Use Specific Date Hours: Setting Up Hours on Specific Dates

  • What if I want to prevent any bookings from spanning across certain dates?

    Set capacity to 0 for the dates you want the facility to be empty: Setting Up Capacity By Date

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