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Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

In Gingr, you can easily track internal notes that are not visible to customers. You can categorize these notes into “types” so that you can easily sort and view notes by type for a given pet or pet parent.

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Before you get started, it is important to pause and think about the different types of notes that you will track. You can always go back and add note types at any time, but it is recommended you set up as many as you think you’ll need during your onboarding process.


Set it Up: Let's get started.  

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Employee Notes.

  2. Add a note type and configure the following fields.

    • Type: Name this type of note.

    • Is Email: set this to yes if any custom emails sent to the customer should automatically be copied as an employee note of this type.

    • Is Owner Type: set this to yes if this type of note should show on the pet parent’s profile.

    • Is Animal Type: set this to yes if the type of note should show on the pet’s profile.

    • Show on Run Card: set this to yes if the type of note should display on your printed run cards.

  3. Save your changes and go back one page.


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