Extended Stay Discounts

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.


If you charge/discount for pets based on the length of their stay, Gingr can automatically reference the duration of their stay to apply the proper discounts or charges using the pricing rule type Units of Reservation. 

This article includes:

  • Helpful Hints
  • Types of Extended Stay Discounts 
  • Creating Extended Stay Discounts 
  • Examples

Helpful Hints: 

  • The units of reservation pricing rules are based on the number of nights stayed between the time of check-in and check out. 
  • Units of reservation are based on the charge by setting on reservation types. 

    • Charge by Night
    • Charge by Day 
    • Charge by 24 hrs 
    • Charge by Hour 

Types of Extended Stay Discounts: 

Type Description Helpful Hints
Units of Reservation (Daily Rate Modifier) This pricing rule is based on the number of units of reservation completed and discounts the nightly rate.  Example: $5 off per night when staying 10 or more nights. 
Units of Reservation (Final Rate Modifier) This pricing rule is based on the number of units of reservation completed and provides a 1-time discount.  Example: 1 night free for every 10 nights of boarding. 


Creating Extended Stay Discounts: 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Pricing Rules.
  2. Select the Location and Reservation Type that you want this rule to apply to.
  3. Create a new pricing rule group to tell the system when you would like pricing to take effect. Or select an existing pricing rule group.
  4. Click Add Rule to create a new charge/discount.



Field Guide 


Field Name

Description Helpful Hint
Label Enter the label for the pricing rule, this will be displayed on invoices to customers
  • 10+ Night Discount
Type select 1 of the 2 options for Units of Reservation  
Value Enter the number of nights that a reservation needs to complete to trigger the rule.
  • 5+ Nights, value= 5
Method Select Dollar, Percentage, or Reservation Type  
Amount Enter the discount as a negative number.  



Example 1: Units of Reservation (Daily Rate Modifier) 

Discount: 5% off for 10 or more nights of boarding, 10% off for 15 or more nights of boarding 



Example 2: Units of Reservation (Final Rate Modifier) 

Discount: 1 Free night of boarding for every 7 nights completed. 

When applying a percentage discount, Gingr bases the discount on the nightly rate. For every 100%, the customer is receiving 1 full night free. 


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