Setting Up Disabled Dates

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

In Gingr, you can block reservations from starting or ending on specific dates where you are closed. In Gingr, these are called disabled dates.


Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Before you get started, take a moment to list out and dates or date ranges in the year that you do not allow check-ins or checkouts.

Set it Up: Let's get started.  

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Hours of Operation.

  2. Select your Disabled Dates.

  3. Click Add New to create a new disabled date range and configure the following fields:

    • Date: Select the beginning date in a date range that should be disabled.

    • To: Select the last date in a date range that should be disabled.

      • If it is only a single date, select the same date as the starting date.

    • Recurring?: Select this box if this date should be disabled every year.

  4. Add your disabled dates to save them.



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