How to Set Up Private Lessons

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Create private lessons for 1-on-1 training appointments 

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • In Gingr, additional services are services that are scheduled during a reservation. For example, an “Obedience Lesson” service that is scheduled during a Private Lesson reservation is considered an additional service (“Private Lesson” is considered the “reservation type”). Another example would be a private playtime that is scheduled while in daycare. In this example, the reservation type is ”Private Lessons” and “Private Lesson | Aggression Training” is the additional service that is attached to that reservation type.

Video Overview: A helpful tour.


Creating Private Lessons

Private Lesson Reservation Type

All services booked in Gingr are attached to a reservation type. We recommend creating one reservation type 'Private Lessons' that have different lesson types as additional services. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration
  2. Select the "Private Training" booking Category
  3. If you don't already have a Private Training Reservation Type set up, click "+ Private Training Type" 


  4. Enter a name for the reservation type
  5. Click Save 


Private Lesson Additional Service(s)

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration.
  2. Locate your Private Lessons reservation type.
  3. Click Manage Services >  Create a new Additonal Service



Field Guide

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Name The name that will be displayed both internally and on the Customer Portal.  
Description Enter a description to be displayed to customers.  This section can include Pictures, Tables, Website links, and more!
Show on Customer Side

When enabled customers can see and add this service to their reservation request from the customer portal.

If disabled, the service will read (business only).
Is Taxed

If enabled tax will be applied to this service on invoices.

Manage tax rate and tax settings in mass under Admin » Tax Settings
Is Scheduled Enable this setting for private lessons.    
Duration Enter the amount of time that this service will take.  The duration can be edited per pet at the time of booking.

We recommend entering the average duration as the place holder.
Interval Enter the frequency at which start times are displayed when booking an appointment.  Example: If the interval is set to 30 minutes then appointments can be booked at 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am etc. 
Default Start Time Enter 0800 as a default. This setting will be overridden by the assigned specialist schedule.   
Limit service time selection for customers?

When enabled, this will show service time options only between your businesses open and close times.

If disabled, this will show service time options any time between 12:00am - 11:59pm.

Do not enable for private lessons. 
Remember last duration?

If enabled, Gingr will store the duration of the service per pet and will pull this value for future appointments. 

This is per service per pet. 
Frequency Options When selected, these options will be available to employees when creating reservations and the system will automatically create the desired number of scheduled services at the selected time.

At least one option must be selected, and we recommend always including the "Once" option.

This only effects scheduled services that are NOT assigned to a specialist schedule. 

Color Optionally choose a color that will indicate this service on the Facility Calendar and from the "add service" section on the dashboard.  
Questions 1 - 3 Optionally ask your customers or staff up to 3 questions for this service. Example: What type of hair cut? Any skin conditions?
Auto Charge Last Time

If enabled, Gingr will remember the most recent price set for the pet for this service. 

This is great for variable-priced items like grooming services.
Drop Off Times This setting is used only for appointment-based services. When text is input here, the email variable {service_dropoff_times} can be used in the New Appointment Email to enter this text.  
Email Custom Text Text entered into this field can be pulled into automated email templates with the {services_custom_text} variable.   
Is iDogCam Service? Do not enable for Private Lessons.   
Include in Commission If enabled, the service will be included in the commission calculated for services completed by a specialist.   
Delete? Deletes the service.   


Step 3: Set a per lesson rate

Important! If Auto Charge Last Time is enabled, leave the base rate at $0.00

  1. Click the rates icon next to the name of a reservation type that the additional service is attached to
  2. Choose your location.
  3. Click the Additional Services tab.
  4. Set the base rate for the additional service attached to this reservation type.
  5. Click Save Rates.


Create Trainer Availability

To create trainer availability, we are going to create what is called a specialist schedule. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports and More » Manage Schedules.
  2. Under the Employee column, click the “+” button to add a trainer to the schedule
  3. Select the first trainer that you want to create availability for.
  4. Click Save and find your trainer’s name on the calendar.\
  5. Add your first recurring shift for the trainer by clicking the “+” button under the day of the week you want to create a shift for.
  6. Select Specialist Shift
  7. Choose the Private Lesson Service that you want to create a shift for from the Service drop-down.
  8. Choose either Slot Based or Time Based based on the following criteria:

    1. Slot Based: Choose this option if you have a single drop off time at the beginning of the day and the trainer’s schedule does not have a specific drop off times.
    2. Time-Based: Choose this option if your trainer has animals drop off at specific times throughout the day.

      • If you chose time-based, enter a Start and End time for time-based availabilities.

      • The start time will be when the first appointment can be booked. The end time will be when the trainer is no longer available meaning that the last appointment slot will be before the end time (depending on the additional services interval setting).

  9. Enter a capacity/number of slots using the following guidelines:
  • Slot Based: Enter the maximum number of animals that the trainer should take in a day.

  • Time-Based: Enter the maximum number of animals that the trainer should take per drop off time.

  • Set Apply to All Future Shifts to Yes.

  • Save the shift.

rqzpRvQYDE.gif (1472×831)


Copy Shifts Across Days of Week 

  1. Select a shift to open it and click the copy icon.
  2. Select the other days of the week that this shift should apply to.
  3. Click Copy Shift.

ObLHZSUnqz.gif (1471×833)


Copying availability 

  1. Click the Manage Specialists button in the top right of the page.

  2. Click the copy icon.

  3. Select any other specialists or services to copy this shift availability to.

  4. Click Copy Specialist

DdnSRMmycH.gif (1472×833)

Commission and the customer portal

  1. Click the Manage Specialists button in the top right of the page.
  2. Optionally set the commission percentage that the trainer should earn when performing this service (entered in a 00.00 format).
  3. Set Show to Customers to Yes or No depending on if you want this trainer’s availability to show on the customer portal.
  4. Save your changes.



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