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Cancellation Reasons

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

You can create Cancellation Reasons to be selected when a reservation is canceled by your business, and or when a customer cancels a reservation from the customer side of the app. Cancellation reasons can also be created specifically for when reservation requests are rejected by your business.


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Helpful Hint: Before you begin.

  • Only those in the Admin user group can set up cancellation reasons and manage associated settings.
  • If no cancellation reason was selected for a reservation, no email text will appear in the automated email that a customer receives.




Set it Up: Let's get started.  

Setting Up Cancellation Reasons

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Cancellation Reasons.

  2. Click the Add Reservation Cancellation Reason button.

  3. Name the cancellation reason.

  4. Email Text. Enter the message that you want to appear in the automated cancellation or rejection email that is sent to the customer. When you edit your email template, you will add the {cancellation_reason} variable wherever you want the text to appear.

  5. Status. This controls whether the cancellation reason is available for use. Select yes/on to make available.

  6. Employees Only. If set to yes/on only employees will be able to select this reason. Customers will not be able to see from the Customer Portal. (If set to no/off customers will be able to see it and select it.)

  7. Waitlist cancellation. This setting indicates that this reason will be used when a reservation on the waitlist is automatically removed by the system due to the reservation date passing.

    Important! Only one cancellation reason should have this set to yes/on.

  8. Click Save.

Where you can see Cancellation Reasons

The Reservation Details page for the canceled reservation.


Reservation Cancellation Reasons ReportLeft-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Reservation Reports.



Change a Cancellation Reason on a Cancelled Reservation

You may need to change the cancellation reason on an already canceled reservation from time-to-time. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Animal or Owner Profile and location the cancelled reservation
  2. Click the Action Menu and select View Reservation Details
  3. Change the Cancellation Reason by clicking the drop-down menu



Cancellation Reasons in Email Templates

If you want the Email Text for your cancellation reasons to show up in your cancellation and rejection emails, you will need to input the {cancellation_reason} variable into those email templates. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System Email.
  2. Find the Cancellation Email in your list of templates.
  3. Select Edit in the Actions drop-down menu.  

  4. Input the {cancellation_reason} variable into the template, wherever you want the cancellation reason's email text to appear in the email.

  5. Click on the Update buttons to save your changes.

Cancellation Emails - You can create custom text for each cancellation reason to appear in the automated reservation cancellation and reservation rejection emails respectively. By including Email Text in Step 4 above. 




System-Wide Settings:

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Require cancellation reason customers If this setting is turned on, customers will be able to select a cancellation reason when canceling a reservation from the customer portal.  

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