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Legacy Facility Calendar

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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will show you how to use the Legacy Facility Calendar in your application. This calendar shows all reservations, scheduled services, appointments and events for your location—it's the main purpose is to help you quickly see what types of Reservations and Services are occurring on a given day.

IMPORTANT: There is an updated New Facility Calendar that can be enabled by clicking the "Use New Version" at the top right corner of the page. You can learn more about the New Facility Calendar here: New Facility Calendar. It is recommended to use the New Facility Calendar as it includes the most recent updates, and the legacy version will ultimately be archived.

Video Tutorial: A helpful tour.


How to: Use the Facility Calendar.

Events/Notices on the Legacy Facility Calendar: 

Events and Notices will show on the Facility Calendar for the date(s) that they are scheduled under the All Day section of the Calendar. You can learn more about Events and Notices here: Using Events and Notices


Reservation Types on the Legacy Facility Calendar:

Reservation Types can be indicated by a specific color on the Facility Calendar. This allows you to quickly see what reservations are scheduled for each day. Your reservation type totals can be found via the All Day section on the Facility Calendar on any view. 






Changing the Legacy Calendar View:

The calendar view can be changed to show the  Month, Week, or Day. Each view can jump back or to the next month, week, or day using the corresponding buttons on the calendar. 



You can also Show/Hide Reservations, Services, and Events/Notices on your calendar by clicking those buttons on the upper left of the page.


Additional Services on the Legacy Facility Calendar:

On the day view of the Facility Calendar, you will see:
  • A column for every user in your app that has specialist settings that shows their appointment-based services
  • A column labeled No Specialist Needed, which will display scheduled services that are not appointment based
  • Specialists who are set up with slot-based services (as opposed to time-based services) will have + and - icons next to their names.
  • At the top of the calendar, you can select which specialists you want to view. (Click the button on the far left to select all).


To filter the calendar by Specialists, simply click in the box on the top of the page to view users who have been set up as specialists. You can add/remove specialists from view, or click the group icon on the left to select/remove all users.



You can use the Facility Calendar Day View to book new appointments with your Specialists on a 30-minute interval. If the specialist is slot-based, click any green slot opening to book an appointment for that groomer on that date. If you wish to pick the drop off/pick up times for slot-based appointments, you will need to schedule the appointment from the new appointment page rather than the facility calendar. 




For a specialist that uses a time-based appointment configuration, on the calendar you will see blue areas that indicate the available times of the specialist. You can choose any time on a 30-minute interval (i.e. on the hour or on the half-hour).

When you click on the blue fields, the Select an Action box will pop up and present you with some options:



  • Set as Unavailable/Create an Exception is used to block out a specialist for a time frame for all of their services. See the section below "How to set a specialist as unavailable".

  • Book a Service is used to create a new appointment at that time on that date.

  • Drag an appointment to a different groomer's availability on the same date: You can click and drag an appointment to any other specialist to reschedule the service on the same date. This can be done with time or slot-based services.

Important! The specialist must have sufficient availability and have a schedule set for that service.


Edit an Appointment:

To edit an appointment, double click on the service to print up its details. You can choose Re-schedule Appointment to reschedule the service for a different time on the same day, or choose another date, view Grooming Notes, Delete the service, change the price, select/deselect Service Options, etc. from this page.




Managing Slots from the Legacy Facility Calendar:

Click the + or - icons next to a slot-based specialists' name to increase or decrease that user's slots for a specific date.

Important! This action requires the Can Edit Others' Appointments user permission.




How to: Set a Specialist as Unavailable/Create an Exception

It is possible to place blocks on certain dates, rather than adjust the schedule itself, by setting the specialist as unavailable from the Facility Calendar. This will prevent appointments from being made during those blocked-off times. You can add multiple blocks to a given day if you wish to allow appointments in the middle of their day or block off only a certain part of the day. Please note this doesn't work for slot-based appointments, so you can instead use the Manage Schedules page to remove the slots altogether. 
  1. Go to Calendar » Facility Calendar.

  2. On the Day View, click under the specialist who needs to be set as unavailable.


  3. Click Set as Unavailable.

  4. Set the From Time and Until Time.

  5. Optionally, add a Note.

  6. Click the Create Exception button when finished.



System Settings

System-Wide Settings:

Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Lodging and Facility Calendars




Helpful Hint

Facility calendar group by type

This setting is enabled by default and will display a number before each reservation type on the Facility Calendar, showing how many of each reservation type is scheduled, for example, "3-Boarding."   

If disabled, each individual reservation is shown in its own date tile and spans across the dates of the reservation.  The ability to disable it is intended particularly for smaller facilities with fewer reservations. 

Depending on the size of your facility, it may be beneficial to enable this setting so that your facility calendar totals are easier to see.

Facility calendar limit default hours

If enabled, the Facility Calendar will only display times between the Default Start Time and Default End Time found on the (System-wide Settings) page. 

If you aren't a 24-hour facility and only care to see services within your regular hours, this setting should be enabled.


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