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Lodging Calendar

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will explain how to use the Lodging Calendar. This calendar shows any user a weekly view of your facilities' areas and lodgings. This allows the user to see lodging assignments for each of the animals in the facility. Each day on the calendar shows a percentage of occupied lodgings for that date. The user can edit reservations directly from this page, see when reservations start and end, see when a lodging transfer is occurring, and even drag and drop reservations to a different lodging.

This article includes:


Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Capacity limits for lodgings can be set in Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Manage Areas and Lodgings.


How to: Use the Lodging Calendar.

View the Lodging Calendar:

To view the Lodging Calendar, head over to Left-hand Navigation: Calendar Icon » Lodging Calendar. 




Legend and Color Coding:

You will see the lodging calendar coded with white or gray cells and reservations capped with different colored solid or dashed lines.


Cell Color Definition
White Vacant
Grey Occupied



Reservation Colors Definition
Yellow Line Reservation start
Blue Line Reservation end
Purple Line Reservation of one pet ends and the reservation of another starts
Black Dashed Line Reservation transfers to another lodging or has transferred from a different lodging that day.




Other Colors/Icons Definition
Red exclamation point Lodging is over capacity
Paw Icon Indicates how many animals can occupy this lodging
Gavel Icon Indicates a weight limit for the lodging 


Under each date you can see a percentage which displays the percent of total lodgings occupied on that date. You can also view a fraction underneath which is vacant/total number of lodgings.


For example, on Monday October 1st there are 19 empty lodgings out of 25. 





Filtering the Calendar View:

From the top of the lodging calendar, you can choose to filter the calendar to view specific locations and lodgings that are associated with specific reservation types. When filtering, by reservation type, you can select multiple types.




To see a different date selection, click on the arrows to quickly skip back or ahead by a day, week, or month.




You can toggle the lodging calendar to display all, vacant, or occupied lodgings by selecting the option you would like. 
  • Show Only Vacant displays all lodgings that have at least one vacant day that week

  • Show Only Occupied displays all lodgings that are occupied at least one day that week




Managing Reservations from the Lodging Calendar:

Staff can easily manage multiple aspects of reservations directly from the Lodging Calendar. They can click on an animal's name to view a card with important reservation information including reservation details, lodging transfers, and additional services. Here you can click to view the reservation details page or the edit reservation page.




To relocate an animal to a different lodging, staff may simply click and drag the animal's name to a different lodging. Gingr will then ask you if you want to switch the lodging for this animal for all dates, from the dates selected until the end of the reservation, or just the date selected.





System Wide Settings:

There is only one setting that pertains to the Lodging Calendar. You can update this setting by going to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Lodging and Facility Calendars.

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Lodging calendar cell text size This setting will determine how large the text is on your Lodging Calendar.  This setting is defaulted at 14-point, but can be made larger or smaller to your preference.


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