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Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Reservations eligible for Quick Checkout are indicated by a down arrow next to the cart icon on the Dashboard. Package Credit and Account Balance (monetary credit) are eligible for Quick Checkout.


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Packages are designed to be used for a specific reservation type that they were purchased for by default (e.g. Daycare packages can only apply to Daycare reservations). You cannot do Quick Checkout if the pet is checked in for a reservation type that they do not have a credit for. 

  • You can also choose to use package credits for all reservation types (e.g. Daycare packages can apply to Boarding reservations). To configure go to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Packages and enable Allow Package on Any Type. 

  • You cannot use Quick Checkout if there is an additional service on the reservation. Instead, you will be forwarded to the Shopping Cart to complete the checkout


Video Tutorial: A helpful tour.


How to: Use Quick Checkout With Packages.

Check Out Using a Package Credit
If a customer has a package credit that applies to their reservation, a down arrow will appear next to the cart icon on the Dashboard. To use this package credit:  

  1. Click on the Cart Icon.

  2. Click on the Package Credit they would like to use for the reservation.

    If the entire reservation can be covered by a package credit, a message will pop up on the bottom left indicating the animal is now checked out.


    If there are still items that need to be paid for such as an additional service, a message will pop up prompting you to finish checking out in the cart. Quick Checkout can never be used if there is an additional service. 



How to Apply Package Credits in the Cart If You Cannot Quick Checkout

If a customer has Package Credits that can be applied to the reservation, then a Package Credits drop-down menu will be displayed in the same area as Coupons.

If there needed to be multiple credits applied to cover the cost, then the system will have deducted 1 credit already. Click the coupon icon to apply additional credits and enter the total number to apply. 



If there was a service attached, the system will have applied a credit only to the reservation line item. You will need to apply additional credits to the service, apply payment, or check out without complete payment. 




How to: Check Out Using an Account Balance

If a customer has a credit on their account, the total will appear next to use balance. A number with a "-" in front of it means that the customer has a credit. This credit can be quickly applied to the cart just like a package credit. Again, if the credit on file is not enough to cover all items in the cart, you will be given an error message to continue checking out in the cart.


FAQ: Check this out!

Why am I getting an Ajax error when trying to check out with a package credit?
Be sure you have one payment method set to Zero Payment. We usually recommend calling this payment method No Payment. Only one payment method can be set to Zero Payment. The Quick Checkout with Package Credits feature relies on having one payment method set to Zero Payment.

To find your payment methods, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Payment Methods.

The most common cause of AJAX errors at check out might be that the pet, owner, or package that you are trying to add to the cart has "special characters" in the name. In Gingr, special characters are considered to be anything outside of the standard English alphabet, like quotation marks or ampersands. If any exist, remove them by editing the owner/animal record or package name. Then, navigate to the Shopping Cart and click the Trash icon to clear the cart. Once clear, try to add the pet's reservation to the cart again.

If the error persists, or if there are no special characters in the pet's name, reach out to our support team for assistance!

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