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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr provides basic employee timeclock functionality, which you can turn on or off in your app. Employees may log in by clicking an icon in the app's header, selecting their name, then entering their password.

While the Timeclock feature is available at no additional cost, if you use Gingr's Employee Scheduling feature to manage your employee schedules, users can clock into a specific team when punching in. Click here to learn more about employee scheduling with Gingr.


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Upon clock-in and clock-out, the system records:
    • Time
    • IP Address
    • Device Type (User Agent)
    • Device Fingerprint
    • Webcam image if applicable 

  • Hours worked are calculated to the nearest hundredth (0.01) of an hour.



How to: Use the Employee Timeclock. 


Turning on the Timeclock feature 

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Timeclock and set Use time clock to yes/on.



The time clock icon:

After turning on the Employee Timeclock feature, you will see a filled-in circle icon in the app's header. If the currently signed in employee is currently clocked in, the icon will be green.



If the currently signed-in user is not clocked in, the icon will be gray.




Clocking In

To clock in or out, any user may click the circle icon in the app's header. Upon clicking the icon, a widget will appear where the user will select their username from the dropdown menu, enter their password, click Continue, optionally select which Team they are clocking in for, and then click Clock In.

If a webcam is enabled on the device, the webcam will be activated and a photo will be taken once the Clock In button is clicked. You'll need to enable access if it's not already enabled on this device.




Clocking Out 

To clock out, the user will click the timeclock icon, select their name from the dropdown menu, enter their password, click Continue, then click the Clock Out button.



If a webcam is enabled on the device, the webcam will be activated and a photo will be taken once the Clock Out button is clicked.

Important! If an employee forgets to clock out and is clocked in past midnight, they will not be able to clock themselves out. A user with the Can Manage Timeclock Records user permission must edit their record to get them clocked out when they should have been. (See below.)




Viewing clock-ins and clock-outs

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Timeclock.
  1. Enter a date range for the report. (The date range defaults to the current date.)


  2. If you want to run the report including entries that have been deleted, select the Include Deleted? box.

  3. If you want to view running totals including time accumulated for shifts that are currently clocked in, select the Running Total for Currently Clocked In? box. Currently clocked in entries will display in red.


  4. The report will run based on what you select above, but you can refresh it by clicking the Generate button. You can also Print PDF or Export to Excel (CSV).


  5. The Overview tab will display the total # of hours worked per day, per employee and per date range. The Timesheet tab will display all clock-ins and outs for the given date range. Both tabs can be printed, and only the Overview tab can be exported to Excel currently.


  6. On the Overview tab, click the number in the Total Hours Worked or Date column.


    A panel will appear showing each start and end time (clock in / clock-out) for the date range and the total hours worked for each clock in/out. Hover over each start and end time to see the punch details. If the webcam was activated, you can hover over the punch to see the photo that was taken.


    Alternatively, you can click on the Timesheet tab. This tab works identically to the panel described above but lists the timesheet for all employees.



Modifying clock-ins and clock-outs 

Modifying employee clock-ins and clock-outs requires the Can View Timeclock Report user permission. (Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups)


Modifying records:

Follow steps 1–5 above, then click the pencil icon to edit the entry. You can also add a note. Click the green check mark to save your edit.


You can delete an entry by clicking the red x.


Manually adding records:

You can manually create a clock-in and clock-out event for an employee by clicking the + icon in their Total Hours Worked column or in their Timesheet panel.



After clicking the + icon a new panel will appear. (The Note field is optional.)




Restrict by IP address

If you only want users to be able to clock in or out from the physical location of your facility, you can restrict this functionality to your facility's IP address.

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Timeclock. Under the Location that you'd like to update, in the Only Allow Timeclock at this IP field, enter your facility's IP address. Save your changes by clicking out of the field.




To Allow Timeclock to Cross Days: 

If you have employees that are clocked in overnight, you will need to turn on the switch to allow the Timeclock to cross calendar days.

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Timeclock and find the Allow Timeclock Cross Days setting.


If this setting is turned to No/Off, then entries for users not clocked out before midnight will be erased.


User Permissions:

There are two user permissions associated with the Timeclock feature. These can be enabled for user groups at Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups.

  • Can View Timeclock Report: this permission setting allows users to view the timeclock report for other users, but not modify entries. Users without this permission can still view their user's timeclock report.

  • Can Manage Timeclock Records: this permission setting allows users to modify entries on the timeclock report.

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