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Files Received via Email

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Owner files are files that are sent to your business by customers, maybe veterinarians. Usually, these are vaccination records, but may be other types of records. Owner files can be received by email or uploaded by customers through the customer portal.

This article includes:



How to: Manage files received via email.


Where to email files

Your customers and veterinarians can email records to [yourbusiness] Replace [yourbusiness] with your app's subdomain. For example, if your business's app is located at, your email address for records would be ""


Senders Must Attach Files:

When emails are sent to [yourbusiness], they must have a file attached. If no file is attached to the email, the sender will receive an automated email in response:




When files are emailed successfully, the sender will receive an email confirming their file was received.




Receiving and Viewing Files

User Notification:

Files received successfully will produce a user notification for groups with the Notification: New Fax / Email Received user permission will receive an in-app notification.



Clicking that notification will direct you to the Files Report, where the file will be displayed.




Files Report

Your Files Report is found at Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Files Report. It contains files that have been emailed or uploaded via the customer portal. 

When a file is received via email, if the system matches the email address of the sender with an owner account in Gingr, the owner name and animal names will be displayed. If the system does not recognize the email address of the sender, you will select an owner.

To view or download the file, click Download File

To view the subject and body of the email, click Received via Email. (If there is no body in the email, nothing will display when clicking Received via Email.)





FAQ: Check this out!

Can I view owner files instead of downloading them?

When you click the Download File button for a file on an Owner's page, your browser may download the file when you really just want to view it. We understand! What happens when you click that "Download File" button will be different depending on four things: 

  1. Your browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

  2. Your operating system (i.e. Windows 7, OSX 10, iOS, Android...)

  3. The settings in your browser and operating system.

  4. The File Type. 

For example, in Chrome for OSX, with the default settings, PDF and .png files open a new tab, where I can view the file, as well as download it, whereas the browser will just download a .MOV file instead of letting you view it in another tab. 

Sorry if this doesn't work the way you want it in your personal configuration. We've built it so that, regardless of your browser, operating system, or file type, you can view the file, one way or another.


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