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Overview: What are we talking about?

Open Line Items are an item that can be added to the cart that can be used for services or retail items that are not otherwise classified. These items can be assigned a variable price and description, can be surcharges or discounts, and can assign a tip or commission to a specific employee...and more.


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Set it up: Let's get started.


Setting Up Open Line Items

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Open Line Item Types.

  2. Click Add+
  3. Fill out form using Field Guide below.

    Setting Description Helpful Hint
    Type Name of the open line item This will appear on customer receipts
    Is Taxed  Select whether tax is automatically applied to this type of item. (This will be using the tax rate set for your Location.) For tax to be applied to ANY open line item types, the 'tax on open items' setting must be turned on for your location.  To set general tax categories navigate to: Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Tax Settings
    Status Is whether this open line item type is currently active/available at checkout. Set this to Yes/On
    Allow Negative Allows the open line item to be entered as a negative amount, applying a 'discount' in the cart.  
    Is Tip  If yes is selected, the open line item creates a tip on your Tips report. If this item is used for collecting tips, set this to Yes.
    Specialist  If a specialist is selected here, the open line item charge will generate a commission for a specialist, using the commission percentage set for that specialist. Their commission will appear on the Commission report. If this item should be assigned to a specific person, enable this setting.
  4. Repeat until all desired Open Line Item Types are created.



Setting up Open Line Items for Tips

Open line items can be used to assign tips to specific users in your system, especially in cases where you are not assigning specialists or where more than one specialist is involved. These options are not seen by customers upon check out and can only be manually added by staff in the cart.

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Open Line Item Types. Use the Field Guide below to set up an open line item specifically for a tip.



Field Guide

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Type This is what will appear in the cart  
Is Taxed Set whether you need to charge tax on tips.  
Status This will allow this option to be seen and selected in the cart.  
Allow Negative No. Tips will be a positive number only.  
Is Tip Yes. When this line item is used, it will appear on your tips report.  
Specialist Optionally attach a specialist if this tip should be used for a specific person.  


Using Open Line Items for Tips


  1. When checking out in the cart, you will find a section at the top of the cart for Open Line Items. Click on the Open Line Items drop down menu to view and select the Groomer Tip that you have created.
  2. Select the correct open line item, optionally enter a description, and enter a positive number tip amount.
  3. Press the "+" button and the tip will be added to the cart.
  4. Continue checking out as usual. 


Open Line Item Tips on Tips Report

To view the open line item tips that you have used, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Tips Report.

The Groomer Tips will come up on the Tips Report under "This Item". 




Open Line Items System-Wide Settings

In order to use Open Line Items, you must enable the System-Wide Setting Allow Open Line Items.
  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Open Line Item Types.

  2. Enable the setting Allow Open Line Items.

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