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Package Subscriptions

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Gingr allows you to set customers up with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annual package subscriptions. The customer's credit card on file will be charged automatically at the set interval, and the associated package will be placed on their account. The use of package subscriptions requires Gingr's integrated credit card processing with CardConnect or Gingr Payments. 

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Subscriptions

  • The package setting Use For Subscription removes the package from being able to be sold as needed. If you would like to have a package that can be used for subscriptions AND to is sold as needed, you will need to create two packages and set one to be used for subscriptions and one not.

  • Due to Mastercard and Visa Subscription policies, you cannot disable the Subscription Purchase Receipt Email template and cannot disable the Annual Subscription Renewal Reminder Email template. Do not remove the instructions on how to contact the facility to cancel the subscription in order to remain compliant. 

  • Upon creating a subscription, the system will: Charge the card on file for the price of the package, Generate a receipt, add the package to the customer's account, send the Invoice Email template, and send the Subscription Purchase Receipt Email template. 

  • Seven days prior to renewal the Subscription Renewal Reminder Email template will be sent if the toggle is enabled for the particular subscription frequency from Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System Email. The annual subscription frequency renewal reminder cannot be turned off. 

  • Upon renewal, the system will: Attempt to charge the customer the price of the package at the set interval.
    • If the charge is successful: generate a receipt, send the Invoice email template, & add the package to the customer's account.
    • If the charge for the subscription fails, the system will retry the charge once per day for 5 days. If the payment still fails, the system will automatically cancel the subscription after the 6th attempt. The Notification "Subscription Failed Payment" will display after the final attempt for users in a Group that are set to have that notification permission. 
    • If a subscription is automatically canceled you must manually restart the subscription. 
  • If you use multiple credit card processors, charges for subscriptions will go through your preferred processor, as set up under Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Credit Card Processing

  • You can configure user groups to receive a notification when there is a failed subscription payment. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups and turn on the Notification: Subscription Failed Payment permission.
    • This permission can be local to only the location where the package is for or can be global, meaning a notification will display at all locations when a customer's payment fails. 
    • For more information see our article on App Notifications

How to: Create a New Subscription Type

On the Packages & Subscriptions page, you can create a new package or subscription. A subscription is a package type with the setting Use for Subscriptions enabled.  Use the Field Guide below to assist you in setting up your new package. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Packages & Subscriptions.
  2. Click +Add to create a new package.
  3. Fill out the short form using the Field Guide below.
  4. Click Save.

Field Guide 

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Location Select your location. A subscription can only be assigned a single location. However, if the system-wide toggle "Allow packages/subscriptions at any location" is on, the credits can be redeemed at any location. 
Name This is the name of your package. It is shown to customers on receipts and on the customer portal.  
Description Optionally enter a description that can be displayed on the customer portal when a customer purchases a package from the customer portal.  
Reservation Type The type of reservation this package applies to. Subscriptions can only be associated with a single reservation type. If you wish to redeem credits for multiple reservation types you must enable "Allow packages/subscriptions on any type" from the system-wide settings. 
Quantity The number of credits the package should have. It is possible to sell 0 credits - this will create a subscription that charges the set price for no credits. The package will show on the customer's expired package list upon renewal. 
Enable as Subscription Enable this setting if this package should be available only as an auto-renewing package (Subscription).  

For subscription-based packages, determines the frequency of renewal. 

  • Every Week: 7 days from purchase
  • Every Other Week: 14 days from purchase
  • Every Month: 30 days from purchase
  • Every Year: 365 days from purchase
Weekly and bi-weekly will renew on the same day of the week. Monthly will renew on the same day of the month. Annually will renew on the same calendar day of the year (if the date does not exist such as leap year it would renew on the following date).
Days to Expiration Optionally enter the number of days that this package/subscription can be used before it expires. If no data is entered, the package will expire upon auto-renewal of the subscription.

The package expires at 11:59 pm on the last day of the subscription. Packages cannot be unexpired.

You can edit expiration dates from the packages section on an owner's profile. 

Price This is the total price for each package (not per credit).

Often times this value is less than the total value of the reservation type's base rate multiplied by the number of credits in order to provide a discount to customers. 

The amount of money the credit will take off in the cart is determined by the location default rate for the reservation type associated with the subscription.

Is Taxed If you apply tax to this sale, select 'yes/on.' To charge tax for subscriptions, you must also go to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Tax Settings select to charge tax on packages. See our article on Configuring Tax Settings for more information. 
Account Code
Optionally set the associated account code for the package 
To set up account codes, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Account Codes. See our article on Revenue Report Account Codes for more information on setting this up. 
Use Pricing Rules on other Reservation Types If enabled and the package is applied to a different type of reservation, it will pull the assigned reservation types' pricing rules. 

This requires the system-wide setting "Allow packages on any type" to be enabled
Example: When applying a daycare package credit to a multiple pet boarding reservation with daycare attached, the package credit will apply at a value equal to one day of daycare including any daycare multiple pet discounts. 
Hourly Credit Enable this setting if this package type is used for a reservation type set to Charge by Hour. Example: 3 credits would be applied for 3 hours of daycare. 
Email days before expiration If you want the "Package Expiration Email" to send a number of days before a customer's package's expiration date, enter the number of days here.  If this field is left blank no reminder email will be sent.
Email remaining count threshold If you want the "Package Expiration Email" to send when a customer gets down to a certain number of credits, enter that number here.  If this field is left blank no reminder email will be sent. 
Can Purchase Through Customer Portal
Can customers purchase this package from the customer portal?
The online purchase of packages through the customer portal requires Gingr's integrated credit card processing.
Kisi Group ID

Gingr's integration with Kisi allows you to control what customers have access to certain areas of your facility.

For more information on Kisi, click here. 
If enabled (Yes/On), it will be available for purchase.
Subscription types can never be fully deleted. If you no longer use a subscription type it can be disabled instead. 



How to: Sell Package Subscriptions

Upon creating a subscription, the system will:
  • Charge the card on file for the price of the package.
  • Generate a receipt.
  • Add the package to the customer's account. 
  • Send the Invoice Email template.
  • Send the Subscription Purchase Receipt Email template.

To start a subscription:

  1. Navigating to Left-hand Navigation: Point of Sale » Sell Retail and Packages.

  2. Clicking the +New Subscription button in the Packages header.

Field Description Helpful Hint
Step 1: Select an Owner Select the owner account to connect the package subscription This customer must have a credit card on file in order to start a subscription. You will be re-directed to edit the owner profile if they do not have one on file already. 
Step 2: Select a Subscription Only packages with the setting "Use for Subscriptions" enabled will be displayed


Step 3: Select a Frequency

Select how often this package purchase will renew

  • Every Week
  • Every Other Week 
  • Monthly
  • Annually
This will default to the selected package's settings.
Starting On

Enter a future date if the package subscription should not start now. 

Leave blank if subscription should start now. 

Payment will run on the date entered. 
Until this date

Enter a future date for when the package purchase should cease. 

Leave Blank To Continue Indefinitely.


How to: Cancel Package Subscriptions

You can cancel a subscription from two places, the subscription report or from the Owner's Profile 
From the Subscriptions Report:
  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Active Subscriptions. 

  2. Find the subscription on the report and click the action dropdown.

  3. Choose Cancel Subscription from the options.



From the Owner Profile:

  1. Navigate to the Owner's Profile.

  2. Find the Subscription you'd like to cancel in the packages section.

  3. Choose Cancel Subscription from the action menu.




FAQ: Check this out!

How do I find an Owner's subscription history and activity?

On the Owner's detail page, see the Subscription section on the left column, mid-way down. Here you will find all active and inactive subscriptions. Click the Actions button to view history or cancel the subscription. 




Click View History to see a panel showing the complete history of transactions for this package. There are options to deduct credits, edit the expiration date, view the invoice of the package purchase, and view each invoice associated with the redemption. 





The wrong price is showing up in the cart when I use a credit.

The amount that a package credit deducts from charges in the cart is tied directly to the Location Default Rate for the associated reservation type. 

Package credits are like vouchers. Regardless of what a customer pays for the credit, that doesn't change the price of the service at checkout. 

So, for example, you may sell a 10 day pass for daycare for $250, which means that each credit costs $25. However, this does not change your base price for daycare, which is $30.  

Therefore, when you check a customer out for their daycare reservation, the charge will come up as $30 and the package credit (voucher) will negate that charge by applying negative $30, regardless of what the customer paid for the individual credit.

This behavior can be changed by configuring the package type to calculate pricing rules for the parent reservation.



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