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Selling Retail Items

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr makes it easy to sell retail items to your customers. You can even tag retail items with keywords to quickly search the system for items for sale. Retail items can be added to a reservation from a few places in the app. 

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How to: Sell retail items.

From the Point of Sale Tab

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Point of Sale » Sell Retail & Packages.


  2. Scan in the retail item: If you use a barcode scanner, simply scan in the item and it will go right into the shopping cart.  The barcode will register in the Barcode field in the upper right. *Any barcode scanner that connects through USB will work for use with Gingr. Bluetooth scanners will not be compatible but any USB scanner will work just fine.

  3. or Search for the retail item:

    • Enter keywords in the Tags field to search by tags.

    • Or enter keywords in the Search field to search for an item by name.

    • You can also just browse the images of items, which you can toggle to view in list or grid form. 

  4. Click the + price button to add it to the shopping cart.

  5. Repeat, until you have entered all items for purchase!  



From the Dashboard

To quickly add a retail item to a animals reservation, click on the Actions Menu and select Add to Reservation. This will include the retail item to the cart whenever the animal is ready to check out.   




From the Reservation Details Page

Retail items can be added and removed directly from the animal's Reservation page. To find this page from the Dashboard click on the Actions Menu » View Reservation Details for any pet that is currently checked in.  





From the Cart

If your facility uses a barcode scanner, simply scan the item's barcode while checking out in the cart and the item will be added. *Any barcode scanner that connects through USB will work for use with Gingr. Bluetooth scanners will not be compatible but any USB scanner will work just fine.

Important! You must place your cursor in the box that says Scan Barcode Here... before scanning the barcode. 





FAQ: Check this out!


Can I sell/refund a retail item to a customer who is not in the system?

Yes, of course you can! All you have to do is put your retail items in the cart and check them out. Gingr does not require that you attach an owner to a transaction.

However, if you are doing a retail-only transaction with a customer who is in the system, it's generally a good idea to select the owner in the checkout window, because then the receipt is automatically sent to them and there's a record of their purchase in their transactions history. Also, if they have a card on file, you can use it to complete the transaction.  



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