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Outgoing Email Log and Customer Email History

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr tracks every email sent from the system in an Outgoing Email Log, where you can see whether an email was delivered, bounced, opened, or clicked on by the customer. In this article, we will show you how to access and use the log, as well as how to view and manage a Customer's Email History. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin
  • If you would like to access the email history for a single owner, there are a few options:
    • You can access the main Outgoing Email Log and filter by email address.

    • You can alternatively navigate to the owner profile, click their email address, and then click View History (see How to View a Customer's Complete Email History below). 

    • You can access a complete list of all owner email and SMS communications from the Owner Communications tab which is the central hub for all Communications regarding a specific Owner. For more information please see our article on the Owner Communications Tab.


How to: Access the Outgoing Email Log

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » History. 

  2. On the History Page, click the Outgoing Email Log button.


  3. View the last 120 days' history of emails sent through Gingr. Columns indicate the status as to whether the email has bounced, been delivered, was opened, or was clicked on by the customer.

    There is a summary included at the top of the page showing overall totals for all emails sent through Gingr from the Since date. 


From here, your options are:
  • Type in the Search boxes to search for any criteria within each category. The subject must be typed exactly as written (including capital letters) in order to pull results for the subject. Your results will be filtered according to search criteria.

  • Click the top checkbox to select all, or check individual boxes to select one or several items.

  • Click Export button to export the selected item(s) to an Excel file.

  • Click Print button to print the selected item(s).

  • Click the Actions button to view the full email as it was sent to the customer.


How to: View a Customer's Complete Email History

  1. Navigate to the customer's Owner Profile page by clicking on their name anywhere in the app, or use the main Searchbox in the upper left of your app.

  2. On the Details tab of the Owner page, under Owner Contact Info, click the customer's email address then click View Email History.


  3. View the last 120 days history of emails sent through Gingr. All of the same functions and options that were shown above in the Outgoing Email Log are available here as well.


How to: Use the Owner Communications Tab

  1. Navigate to the Owner Profile.

  2. Click on the Communications tab.


  3. You will see a chronological list of all emails and SMS your business has had with the customer. 

    • Categories included are: SMS, Call Log - Inbound, Call Log - Outbound, Email, Marketing Campaign, Checkout Survey, and Lead Forms.


  4. You can click to expand emails to see what was sent to the owner. 



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