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Services Pending Scheduling

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Services Pending Scheduling are services that have been added to a reservation, that have not been scheduled and are required to be. There are two ways a service can end up here:

Incorrect Setup: 

There is no default start time or duration set for the service and therefore the system does not know where to put it on the calendar if a frequency of 'every day,' 'every other day,' etc. are selected.

To check your setup, please double-check the Create Additional Services article. Click the pencil icon for the service to edit it.  If there is no default start time or duration set for the service, enter it.

The Service was not Scheduled: 

When a service that must be scheduled is added through the dashboard services widget, there is a second step of picking a date that must be taken. If this step was skipped, the service will be pending scheduling.  

Important! When you add a service through the widget, if the service is set up to be scheduled, you will have to assign a date for the service to happen on.  After adding the service in the widget, click the pencil icon in the top left of the widget to assign a date.

This will open a panel where you can edit the service.  At the bottom of that panel, you will see a date and time entry field, where the date field is blank.  Click into that to pick a date within the reservation.  You can also change the time, if you wish.



To find services that have been classified as Services Pending Scheduling:

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Services Pending Scheduling.

  2. A report is automatically generated showing all services that have yet to be scheduled.

  3. To schedule the services, select a Start Date and a Start Time and then click Save Schedule!



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