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Free Service after Number of Nights

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

An automated discount can be created to automatically discount a service after a certain number of days/nights. To create automated discounts and surcharges, we will create a Pricing Rule.

Important! The the service will not be automatically added to the reservation as that will depend on your availability and the customer's desire to redeem the service. 



Set it Up: Let's get started.  

Add a Free Service After Number of Nights

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Pricing Rules.

  2. Select the Location and Reservation Type that you want this rule to apply to.

  3. Click Add Rule to create a new discount.


The customer should receive a free Refresher Bath after 5 visits. 

Label Type Value Method Amount
Free Refresher Bath Units of Reservation (Daily Rate Modifier) 5 Service Refresher Bath


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