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I think my firewall is blocking something. What do I do?

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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In this example, we'll use Google Chrome to determine whether a firewall is blocking a resource Gingr uses.

We'll use the example of the Address Autocomplete functionality not working and how to identify and resolve the issue. 

  1. First, open Google Chrome, navigate to your Gingr app and log in.

  2. Next, open Chrome's Developer Tools. This can be done by right clicking anywhere on the page, then "Inspect".

  3. Next, navigate to the page that is giving you trouble. In this example, the page would be the New Owner page.

  4. In Chrome's Developer Tools, navigate to the Console tab.

  5. This tab will list all network requests that failed.


  6. This indicates that requests and failed. You'll want to allow requests to these 2 subdomains through your firewall.

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