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Overview: What are we talking about?

Price verification is the process of testing base rates and automated discounts and surcharges such as peak dates, multiple pet discounts, late check out fees, extended stay discounts, and more. The intention of the verification process is to ensure that estimates and invoices are calculating correctly. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE* It is imperative that your facility completes price verification prior to going live and anytime pricing or pricing rules are updated. Gingr cannot be held liable for instances of incorrectly charging customers. If something is incorrect please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Support immediately. 


Do not go live or charge customers without verifying your pricing


This article includes:


Helpful Hints:

  • Once an invoice is processed through the shopping cart, charges cannot be adjusted. If you make a mistake or need to alter pricing rules, you will need to void and re-create the reservation. See our article on How to Void Items or Invoices for more information.

  • There are countless ways a facility may manage their pricing and no two are alike. It is important in reviewing the below document you are familiar with all of your facility's pricing structures. This might include exceptions to some rules, compounding rules, rules that do or don't modify base rates, and many more nuanced details. Be mindful of the total amount you wish to charge a customer under specific circumstances. 

  • If any pricing is incorrect, please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist (if pre-live or went live within the last 30 days) or Customer Support (if you have been live for 30+ days) and provide the following details:
    • Owner and/or Animal(s) name
    • Reservation, Appointment, or Service Type 
    • Reservation dates & times
    • What is wrong with the invoice/estimate?
    • What should be the corrected charges?

Video Tutorial: 


How to: Review Default Rates, Discounts, & Fees

Before diving into any specific test cases or example estimates, you will need to review your admin settings for your default rates and automatic pricing rules. You may also wish to review your hours of operation from Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Hours of Operation if any of your rules may act upon those hours. For more information about evaluating your hours, please see our article on Hours of Operation


Reviewing Location Default Rates

The first step in reviewing your reservation rates is to view your default rates from Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Location Default Rates. Here you will find a complete list of your Reservation types, Service types, and Service Options. This page will not account for any pricing modifiers, so you will be verifying those in the next step. 

Review Location Default Rates.gif


Reviewing Pricing Rules

Once you have reviewed your location default rates, you can review your pricing rules from Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Pricing Rules. This is where all automatic pricing rules are configured. Please review each reservation type to ensure everything is listed correctly. You should ensure all discounts and fees are accounted for on each reservation type. Please note you may have multiple "Pricing Rule Groups" for different effective dates. Be sure to review each Group that may be relevant to any future reservations. 

If you need a review of what each pricing rule does in your app, please see our field guide in our article on Setting Up Pricing Rules

Here is a recording of where to access these settings:



How to: Verify Reservation Pricing

To verify your pricing, you can generate a new estimate or view an existing estimate. Each reservation type's pricing must be verified for any combination of potential fees and/or discounts. Ensure that you verify your pricing for every reservation type that populates on the New Reservation Page and with all combinations of possible rules.

Below, you will find information on running estimates for some common types of automatic fees and discounts. If any pricing is incorrect, be sure to reach out to your Onboarding Specialist or our Support Team for assistance. 


How to Run Reservation Estimates

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation » Reservations » New Reservation


  2. Fill in the Reservation Details 


  3. Click the Estimate tab and then click Generate Estimate


  4. Repeat for all scenarios, on all reservation types

Location Default Rates

Once you have ensured the base rates are correctly entered on the Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Location Default Rates page, you can start running your estimates. If this is incorrect, all pricing rules will be incorrect as well, as pricing rules will all be acting based on the base rate of the reservation type. 

Here is how you can quickly check the base rates for several reservation types:

Run Reservartion Estimates Location Default Rates for Mulitple Reservation Types.gif


Multiple-Pet Pricing Rules

If your facility provides discounts or fees based on the number of pets in a family, you will need to verify each number of pets is correct. Keep in mind that whether or not they share lodging may change the discount depending on your settings. 

Note: Multi-pet discounts are always split among all pets equally. For example, if you provide a 20% discount to the second pet and have 2 pets in a family, then each pet will get 10% off. 

Here is an example of checking your multi-pet discounts, where you can see that one, two, and three pets are all compared:

Run Reservation Estimates for Multipet Discount.gif


Check-In and Check-Out Time Rules

There are several rules that can affect pricing depending on time of day or amount of time present at the facility. Keep in mind that your pricing rules may be based on start or end time, hours of operation, or the difference between start and end time.

Here is an example where a facility charges no fee if picking up before 11 am, charges a set amount for picking up after 11 am, and a higher amount if picking up after 3 pm:

Run Reservation Estimates for Hours Based Rules.gif


After-Hours Rules

If your facility charges fees for dropping off or picking up before or after your hours of operation, you will likely have some automated pricing rules for this. When verifying your fees, you will need to click Override Hours below the time selector to select after-hours times.

Please note that your hours of operation are controlled under Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Hours of Operation. Before clicking to override, the only selectable times will be your recurring hours of operation. After clicking to override, you will be able to select any time in your System-wide Default Start and End Times. For more information see our article on Hours of Operation

Here is an example of verifying after-hours fees for a facility that charges for picking up or dropping off before or after their regular hours:

Run Reservation Estimate After Hours Pickup and Dropoff.gif


Extended Stay Rules

If your facility has pricing rules based on a pet's length of stay, you will need to verify that it is kicking in based on the number of units of reservation. Keep in mind these rules might modify the base rate (i.e. provide 10% off the whole stay) or act as a final rate modifier (i.e. provide 1 night free on a 10-day stay). 

Here is an example where the facility provides different percentage discounts for 5, 10, and 20-day stays:

Run Reservation Estimate for Extended Stay Discounts.gif


Day of Week Rules

If your facility charges fees or provides discounts based on the day a pet arrives or departs, you will need to check on your day-of-the-week rules. 

In this example, the facility charges fees for weekend start and end dates:

Run Reservation Estimate for day of week rules.gif


Peak Dates

Some facilities charge peak date pricing around the holidays or other busy times of year. Keep in mind these are configured for each reservation type independently. It may be configured to charge one fee for each unit of reservation (so one fee for an overnight boarder) or by calendar date (two fees for a boarder staying one night). For more information see our article on Peak Dates

In this example, the facility charges peak rates per unit of reservation around the holidays:

Run Reservation Estimates for Peak Dates.gif


Lodging Transfer Rules

Some facilities charge different amounts for different kennel/lodging sizes or types. They may wish to keep the pet checked in for a reservation type that doesn't match with the lodging type, while still charging a higher or lower rate because of the lodging assignment. Your Gingr Onboarding Specialist or a Customer Support agent likely would have helped set this up, however, it is important that you ensure this is charging as you expect. 

You will first want to review your lodging types Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Manage Areas & Lodgings to ensure that each lodging is configured to be the correct type. Additionally, make note if the System-wide setting "Lodging last day reservation" is on, as this will control if customers are charged for their last day. 

Here is where you can view what Lodging Type each lodging is assigned to:

Lodging Type Field.gif

Next, you will try booking pets into a lodging type that doesn't match with the reservation type's typical costs:

Run Reservation Estimates for lodging transfers.gif


Tax Settings

Taxes should also be double-checked before charging customers. You can review your tax settings from Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Tax Settings to verify that everything is configured to be as it should be. If an invoice is checked out before Taxes are set up, the invoice cannot be retroactively corrected. The invoice will need to be voided, refunded, and recreated with the correct tax charges.

Once your settings have been reviewed, you can run estimates and check tax calculations like so:

Run reservation estimate for taxes.gif


How to: Verify Appointment, Additional Service & Service Option Pricing

There are various ways to charge for appointment-based services and additional services. Some facilities have a base rate for the reservation type as well as charges for the additional service. Some keep the reservation base rate $0 and only charge for the additional service. Others may also use service options to add on other charges like adding nail grinding to a bath additional service. 

You need to have an understanding of how you would like invoices to be displayed to customers and where charges should or shouldn't be depending on your own needs. 

Appointment-based services commonly have variable pricing, so keep in mind these estimates are only looking at the base rates for the reservation, additional service, and service options. There is an optional toggle to "Automatically charge last checked out service price?" which will cause the system to remember the pet's last service price for the same additional service. 

Here is how you can review your additional service pricing from Left-hand Navigation » Admin » Reservation Types & Services Configuration to see what your default pricing is:

Additional Service Pricing Variable and Base Rates.gif


How to Run Appointment Estimates

To run estimates for your appointment-based services, navigate to Left-hand Navigation » Reservations » New Appointment. From there, select the pet, reservation type, and service type. If your service is time-based, you will also need to select a time. Next, click $ Generate Estimate on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click $ Generate Estimate in the popup once more to see the cost of the appointment. 

Please note that you must enter a service price and any applicable service options for an accurate total. Pricing rules associated with the selected Reservation type will also be calculated. 

Here is a recording of to check a pet's appointment estimate:

Run appointment estimate.gif



How to: Verify Pricing for Packages, Group Classes & Retail items

Prices for things like packages, package subscriptions, group classes, and retail items should also be double-checked for accuracy. As these are less complex and will not have pricing rules associated, you can simply review the Admin page associated with each category. 

Packages & Packages Subscriptions

Package and recurring package subscription settings can be reviewed from Left-hand Navigation » Reservations » Packages & Subscriptions. From there, ensure that the price is set correctly and the tax toggle is on or off as needed for your business. 

Remember that the package prices might be less than the total value of the credits if you provide a discount to customers who buy a package. Each credit will still be worth the reservation type base rate. For more information see our articles on Setting Up Packages and Package Subscriptions

Here is a recording of how to access these settings:

Verify package and subscription prices.gif


Group Classes

Most facilities sell packages for customers enrolling in Group Classes. If this is the case for you, you can use the section above about packages to verify pricing.

If instead your Group Classes are simply paid for at checkout, you may need to review your Location Default Rates for the associated reservation type. To do so, see the section near the top of this article, Reviewing Location Default Rates



Retail pricing can be reviewed from Left-hand Navigation » Reservations » Retail. Scroll to the last section, Retail Items, then scan the Price column and review the price for each item. For more information see our article Setting Up Retail & Point of Sale Items.

Verify retail pricing.gif

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