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Price verification is the process of testing automated discounts and surcharges such as peak dates, multipet discounts, late check out fees, extended stay discounts, etc. The intention of the verification process is to ensure that estimates and invoices are calculating correctly. 

We strongly encourage completing price verification prior to going live and anytime pricing or pricing rules are updated.

Once an invoice is processed through the shopping cart, charges cannot be adjusted.  

Helpful Hints:

  • Price verification is not necessary for appointment based services like Private Lessons, Evaluations, Grooming, etc. 
  • If any pricing is incorrect, please reach out and provide the following details:
    • Owner and/or Animal(s) name
    • Reservation dates (check in date & time and check out date & time)
    • What is wrong with the invoice 
    • What should be displayed on the invoice

Video Tutorial: 

How to: Verify pricing

To verify pricing, generate a new estimate or view an existing estimate. It is recommended that each reservations pricing is verified for any combination of potential fees and potential discounts.

Price Verification

  1. Navigate to: Left Navigation Menu >> Reservations (clock icon) >> New Reservation


  2. Fill in the Reservation Details 


  3. Generate an Estimate


  4. Repeat for all scenarios, on all reservation types

Ensure that you verify your pricing for every reservation type that populates on the New Reservation Page. If any pricing is incorrect, be sure to reach out to your Onboarding Specialist or our Support Team for assistance. 

It is strongly recommended not to go live until you have verified your pricing. 

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