Adding Additional Locations (Gingr Subscriptions)

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Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Whether you're opening a new facility or just adding another location to Gingr, we've got you covered. There are a couple of ways to go about this, depending on how these locations interact with each other:


We can add an additional location to your existing app URL. This would mean that the new location would share all customers and most settings with your existing location, and you would be able to toggle between locations using your existing Gingr URL. Pricing for Gingr is per location, so an additional location within the same URL will be the same price as your existing location(s).


We can create a separate URL for your new location altogether, which means that you can set it up however you'd like and add it's own customer base. The locations will not be connected in any way from a Gingr perspective. Pricing for Gingr is per location, so an additional location within a unique URL will be dependent on the product-pricing tier that you choose.


How to: Add an Additional Location.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Manage Gingr Subscription.

  2. Click on Add Additional Location.


  3. Choose the best option for your new location. You can refer to the beginning of this article for more information on the differences between the two.


  4. Either option will take you to the sign-up page. A message will pop up letting you know that you're being re-directed to that page.


  5. On the sign-up page, you will need to select a subscription type for the new location. 


  6. You will then need to provide some information about this location. If you are adding a location to your existing URL, the Your Desired URL field will be pre-populated. If you chose to add a new URL, this will be blank and you can create a new URL.


  7. You will then proceed to Step 3, where you add a credit card to start the subscription.

    Once your payment is approved, your location will need to be created.

    If you chose to have a unique URL:

    Gingr team member will need to create this for you. They will use the information that you submitted on the sign-up form and you will receive an email with login information within 1 business day.


    If you chose to use the same URL: 

    You will be directed to a page within your application where you can add your new location and copy over settings. 


    The settings that are copied will come from the first location that you set up with Gingr. The New Location Name is what will appear in your app when toggling between locations. This can be changed later by going to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Location Info.


    Your new location will now appear within the drop down in the top left corner of your app. You may need to clear your cache if you don't see it right away.


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