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Overview: What are we talking about?

In Gingr, you can use the customer portal to allow your customers to engage with your business in a way that they expect in this day and age. Customers can update their information, request reservations, upload immunizations, purchase packages, apply pre-payments to estimates, pay off invoices, order retail items, and more.  

How to: Navigate the Customer Portal.


Accessing the Customer Portal

The customer portal can be accessed by going to where businessname is replaced with your own business name/custom Gingr URL.

Customers can log in using their email address or mobile phone number on file in Gingr or they can register as a new customer.

What can customers do on the customer portal?

  • View and edit their contact info.

  • Upload files such as immunization records.

  • Add or remove credit cards on file (requires you use one of our integrated payment solutions).

    • Customers cannot remove a card on file if their pet is currently checked in.

  • Manage their communication opt-out preferences (email and SMS).

  • View and edit their pets' info, as well as add new pets.

  • View any photos and/or videos you've attached to their pet's report cards.

  • View your webcams (if you have this set up).

  • View past and future reservations, as well as cancel reservations, or confirm reservations after you've asked for confirmation.

  • Make reservation requests.

  • View their receipt by clicking on the "View" button next to any completed reservation, as well as any report card that was created for that reservation.

  • Purchase Store Credit 
  • Apply pre-payment to upcoming reservation estimates 
  • Pay off balances from open invoices


What can customers see on the customer portal?

In addition to what is listed above, customers can see some of the same things that you can see.

  • Owner Notes and Animal Notes fields on their profiles that are not set to Business Only.
    • For more information on determining which fields are shown on the customer portal and which are not, revisit the “customizing forms” section of your onboarding checklist.

  • Immunization Due Dates.
  • Account Balances.

  • Remaining credits left on packages (punch-card/multi-day pass).

What is hidden from customers on the customer portal?

These are things that the customer can NOT see from their side of the app.

  • Employee Notes from both the Animal and Owner profile.

  • Incident reports.

  • Custom Icons associated with their pet.

  • Report Cards that have not yet been sent.


If you have any additional questions about what customers can do or see on the customer portal, then please reach out to your onboarding specialist or support. 


Helpful Hints:

What should I do if my pet parent receives the message "Some error happened. Please contact the facility for assistance." and cannot log in?

If a pet parent experiences this error, their owner account has been disabled for log in. To enable, visit their owner form and change the setting 'Allow online login' = yes

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