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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will describe how to run the Services by Date Report using the different report parameters available to you. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

In Gingr, the Services by Date report is a very useful report to help you see exactly which services are scheduled within a given time range. From this report, you can also see to whom a service is assigned, and whether or not it has been completed.  


How to: Access and run the report.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Services By Date(s).

  2. Run the report by configuring the following report parameters to your needs:
Setting Description Helpful Hints 
From Choose a starting date and time to see service data starting at this date and time.  
To Choose an ending date and time to see service data ending at this date and time.  

Select any locations you want to view service data for. 

Selecting multiple locations will combine service data into one report.

Run Report By: 

NEW! You can now choose between services and service add ons when generating this report.

Select any services/add ons for which you want to view data within the set date range or select all services.
Choose User(s)

Select this option if you want to include reservations that have been canceled.

Optional field. Leave blank for a fully generated report


NEW! You can now choose to filter the report by Services Attached to Reservations Within Date Range, OR  
Services Scheduled Within Date Range
Select an option based on if you want to view any services/add ons that are attached to a reservation that falls wholly or partially within this date range.

Scheduled Within Date Range:

Select this option if you want to view services that are scheduled within the date range.


Include Address?:

Select this option if you want to include the pet parent’s listed address in the report results.  

Include Totals:

Select this option if you want to view a table that summarizes the total services scheduled by type of service.  
Export to Excel?  Select this option if you want to export and download the report’s data to an excel file. You can also print or export this report as a PDF by generating the report and clicking the green "Print to PDF" button below. 
Include Checked Out Reservations?:

Select this option if you want to include reservations that have already checked out in the report data.



Report Output: Viewing the Services by Date Report

If you check the Totals? box before generating the report, the Services by Date report will feature a totals box of the services or addons within the given date parameters like the one below:



The outcome table of services or service add ons will filter results by the following parameters:

Note: You can click any of these table headings to organize by this field. 

Setting Description
Actions: Click the dropdown menu to either: View Appointment Card, Edit Reservation, Edit Service, or Delete.
Service: The service of the pet
Add Ons:

Add ons to a pet's reservation (if applicable)


Pet whose service falls within the specified date range


Animal's owner name


Optional field. If the box was checked, this will generate the owner's address tied to their account.


If the address field is active, this will populate the rest of the owner's address.

Home Phone:

Owner's Home Phone contact information (if applicable)

Cell Phone:

Owner's Cell Phone contact information (if applicable)
Type: The reservation type to which this service or add on is attached.

Where the pet was housed during this reservation (if applicable)

Start Date:

Beginning date of the corresponding reservation. 

End Date: 

End date of the corresponding reservation.




Note: We have added the ability to mark a service addon as complete, allowing you to indicate when an addon was completed on a reservation outside of an additional service. This can be done from the Services by Date report when running the report for Addons by clicking the checkbox in the Service Addons column:



From the Appointment Card “Complete?” column:


Or from the Dashboard Services modal:



Exporting and Printing the Services by Date Report: 

To get a PDF version of this report, first, generate the report, and then click the green "Export to PDF" button at the top of the report.

If you'd like to export to a CSV file, check the box "Export to Excel?" in the report parameters at the top of the page. 

Click the "+ Add to Campaign" button at the top of the 'Totals' section to include owners in a new campaign email or SMS. 





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