How to Update Your Bank Account with CardConnect

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Overview: For clients using Gingr's integration credit card processing, complete the steps in the article to submit a ticket to CardConnect to update the bank account where credit card transactions are deposited. 

To request a bank account change, follow the steps below. 

    • Select the Support tab from the top navigation menuScreen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_12.50.41_PM.png


    • Select Create TicketScreen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_12.51.50_PM.png


    • If you have multiple CardConnect accounts, select the Location you are submitting the change for. If your accounts are not linked, additional locations will be unavailable to select. Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_12.54.05_PM.png


    • Select Bank Account Change from the Reason drop-down. Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_12.56.02_PM.png


    • Fill out all required fields highlighted in Red. To verify your information, please attach one fo the following: 
      • Voided Check with your business name and address. 
      • Bank Letter on official letterhead with bank representative's contact information and signature, date, your business name, and new account information. 



The Bank Account Change ticket includes the following fields:

Field Description
Old Routing Number The current bank account routing number.
Old Account Number The current bank account number.
New Account Type

Select one of the following types for the new account:

  • Deposits & Fees
  • Deposits Only
  • Fees Only
  • ACH (ProfitStars)
New Bank Name The name of the bank to which the new account belongs.
New Bank Phone Number The contact phone number for the bank to which the new account belongs.
New Routing Number The routing number for the new account.
New Account Number The bank account number for the new account.

Optionally, attach one of the following to verify your new bank account information:

  • Voided check
  • Official bank letter

 If you do not provide an attachment, you might be prompted to provide one if we are unable to verify your new account with the information that you provided.
Tax ID The tax ID associated with the account, required to sign the form.

The last 4 digits of the account owner's SSN, required to sign the form.

Note: This is not required for non-profit or Individual/Sole Proprietor accounts.

Signer Name The account owner's Legal Name, required to sign the form.


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