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Overview: What are we talking about?

Below is a guide to our customer portal which will help everyone understand how to log into the customer portal, reset portal passwords, book reservations, upload vaccination records, and purchase packages. Every portal is customized to the facility so your portal might look a little different than the screenshots below. That's okay! The steps should still be the same. 

This article includes:


How to: Log in to the Customer Portal

Step 1: Navigate to the customer portal page for your facility
You will replace "enterfacilitiessubdomainhere" with the subdomain of the facility you are wanting to access. From here you have the option to log into your current Gingr account or create a new profile. 

If the business has created the profile on your behalf: You would choose the option to sign in with your email address or phone number. You will be prompted to create your own unique password for future logins. 

If you do not yet have a customer profile with Gingr: You can create one from this page by choosing the "not a current customer link"Screen_Shot_2020-01-28_at_9.07.39_AM.png

This will bring you to the required forms to fill out for the owner and pet profiles as well as allow you to set your password. 

How to: Reset your customer profile password

 Step 1: Navigate to the Customer Portal page for your facility » Forgot Password » Continue.

Step 2:
  Check the email address associated with your account for the password reset link.

From there you will click the "set password" option. Once reset you can then log into the customer portal with your new password.


How to:  Book Reservations and Services

Step 1: Navigate to the Customer Portal page for your facility » Reservations » Request services.

Step 2:  Choose a date, reservation, and any service add ons and save! Below is a visual guide for this process



How to: Upload Vaccination Records

Step 1: Navigate to Other Links  »  Upload Files.

Step 2:  Drag and Drop your file to the Upload Area » From there the facility will review and confirm the vaccination.   You can also single-click the "Drop files here to upload area" to pull up your files and search. 


How to:  


Purchase Packages, Retail, and store credit

Note: You can only purchase packages if the facility allows package sales on the portal.

Step 1:
Navigate to My Account » select Package , Retail, or Store Credit    

Step 2:   Add the items to your order » Check Out   » Enter Your Card Information  » Use this Card  » Click the Blue Purchase Button to Confirm Your Order


Helpful Hints:

When purchasing packages the amount entered is how many total  packages you want to purchase and not how many package credits are you are wanting to purchase as package credits are sold in a bundle. 

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