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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Occupancy by Date report is a great way to see how many lodgings were occupied on a given date, compare this year's occupancy numbers to last years, and view the reservation details of the animals occupying those lodgings. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.
  • The report excludes reservations that were never checked in or canceled.
  • It also excludes any reservations that are not checked in and have passed their set start time.
  • You can only run the report for a 90-day period at a time
  • In the report charts, the larger number on the left indicates this year's number whereas the little number on the right indicated last year's number. 
How to: Use the Occupancy by Day report.

To run the report, go to Left-Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Occupancy by Day. 

  1. Select the date range that you'd like to view.

  2. Select the Location.

  3. Click the Include zeros in average? checkbox only if you want reservation types with an occupancy of 0 to be included in the occupancy averages

  4. Click the Generate Report button.



How to: Read the Occupancy by Day report.

The report is comprised of graphs and charts to allow you to view occupancy in different ways. 
Occupancy Graphs

The first portion of the report displays the Occupancy Graph. This graph provides a visual representation of occupancy during the provided date range. 

You'll notice to the right is the key which shows all the reservation types being displayed on the chart. To toggle certain reservation types off, click the reservation type to remove it from the chart. Click it again to add it back.

At the bottom of the graph, you'll notice a Toggle Occupancy button. This button allows you to toggle between the number of reservations and the occupancy percentage. 



Occupancy Charts

Below the Occupancy Graphs, you'll notice the Occupancy Charts. Along the top of the chart is the date and along the left side of the chart are the reservation types. The numbers represent the number of lodgings on the given date. The big number on the left represents this year's number whereas the number of the right represents last year's number. 


To the right of the chart, you'll see the average number of this year's occupancy and the total number of lodgings that were occupied.

To see which animals occupied those lodgings on a given date, click the number to get a popup window where you can view those reservation types. 




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