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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will describe how to set up Virtual Group Classes at your facility. This can help you offer training alternatives to in-person sessions depending on your facility's needs.

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Zoom for video conferencing (free calls for up to 100 participants) may be helpful when setting up your Virtual Group Classes.

How to: Set up virtual group classes. 

This section will cover how to set up Virtual Group Classes. These classes would be taught live by a trainer to multiple owners.

Step 1. Create a Reservation Type

You will need to create a unique Reservation Type for the Group Class you're setting up. This reservation type can be re-used as you continue offering the same series with different dates, but if you intend to offer multiple class sessions of this group class that will occur on the same dates, you must create a unique reservation type for each one. 


  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration. 
  2. Select the Group Class Booking Category 
  3. Select "+ Group Training Class Type" 
  4. Name your Group Class. For this example, we'll name the group class Puppy Manners - Training Class.
  5. Click Save. 


To learn more about creating Reservation Types, click here


Step 2. Set a Rate

We will need to set a rate for each class session. This rate will be what each credit is worth within the package you've created or what it costs for each session of this type of class if you are not using a package.

For example, We have set up our class so that it has 5 sessions. The total cost of the package created was $125. So, you would divide the total cost by the number of sessions in order to get the rate of $25 per class. This will ensure that the system calculates the revenue correctly and the credits deduct correctly. To set the rate for each class session: 

  1. Navigate to Admin » Location Default Rates.

  2. Select the Location.
  3. Find the Virtual Group Class reservation type and expand the selection.
  4. Set the Base Rate Of for each session.

Step 3. Create a Package (Optional)

You can also set up a Package for your Group Class. This allows customers to prepay for the entire class and use a credit from the package each time they come in for a class session.  
  1. Navigate to Admin » Package Types.

  2. Scroll down to the Packages section and click the blue +Add button.


For an overview of the Fields, please refer to our Setting Up Packages article.


Step 4. Create a Group Class 

  1. Navigate to Admin » Group Classes.

  2. Click the New Group Class button.


For an overview of the Fields, please refer to our Setting Up Group Classes article.


Step 5. Create a Class Schedule

After saving the initial class info, a panel will appear where you will set up the class schedule. 

  1. In the Create Session section, enter the date for the first session in the series, along with a start and end time. You will not change the End Date field unless the first session in the series of classes spans more than one date.
    • The time fields accept multiple formats, such as 1pm, 1:00, 1300, etc. 
  2. In the Create Series by Repeating Above Session section, select how often the class repeats (every week, ever other week, or every month), then enter the number of sessions in the series. This will repeat the session created in the Create Session section on the same day of the week at the same time as many times as are indicated in the How Many Sessions?  field. 

    Important! If there are any variations in the series, such as a single session occurring on a different day of the week, skipping a week, or anything else, you can edit the individual sessions and add more sessions later.


Your newly created class will now appear on the Group Classes page under Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » Group Classes and customers will be able to request enrollment through the customer portal.

How to: Set up group class enrollment emails.

We'll utilize the template for the Group Class Enrollment Email to include a link to the Zoom virtual meeting.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Communications » System Email.

  2. Scroll down to the section labeled Email Templates.

  3. Locate the Group Class Enrollment Email.

  4. Click the Edit icon by the record.

    • Status: Enable toggle.
    • Send for Reservation Types: Select the reservation type(s) associated with group class(es).
    • Variables: Use the variables to customize the template.
    • Update the Subject and Content sections as-needed.
    • Be sure to include a link to the Zoom meeting in the Content section.
    • Action URL Text: Text entered here will be displayed on the system-generated {action_url} button.

  5. When finished, click Save.

For an alternative emailing option, please click here to view our article on Canned Email Templates.

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