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Overview: What are we talking about?

When creating a marketing campaign there is a list of system default groups based on factors like reservations booked, customer registration date, and more. It is possible to create fine-tuned lists of recipients in several other ways. This way you can target precisely the group you need to reach.

You can add owners one-by-one from their profiles if you need to add a single owner. If you wish to target a select group, you can use the View all Owners, View all Animals, or View all Reservations tables. You can also use many of the Reports found in the reporting section of your app to create custom marketing lists. Additionally, you can use any of the Dashboard tabs to create a recipient list. The marketing campaign recipient list can also be edited directly to add or remove owners. This article will explain each of these options. 

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Helpful Hints: 

  • The +Add to Campaign button is found on many reports, individual dashboard tabs, owner profiles, and all View All pages in the Gingr application. See the FAQ below for a full list of reports which display this button.

  • If an owner is already a recipient on a campaign and they are added multiple times, they will only receive the campaign once. 

How to: Add Individual Owners to a Campaign from their Owner Profile

From an owner's profile, you can individually add accounts to a campaign. There are two places this can be done.

Owner Communications Tab

  1. Navigate to the Owner's profile and click on the Owner Communications tab.

  2. Click Add to Campaign


  3. Click the check box next to one or more existing campaigns or, if needed, create a new campaign from this popup. 


Owner Details Tab

  1. Navigate to the Owner's Campaigns section on the Details tab at the bottom of the right column. The Campaigns section contains a list of all campaigns the owner is currently listed as a recipient of or that they have previously received. 

  2. Select Add to Campaign to add this owner to a new campaign.


  3. Click the check box next to one or more existing campaigns or, if needed, create a new campaign from this popup. 


How to: Add to Campaign from the View All Tables

There are three View all pages in Gingr: View All Owners, View all Pets, and View all Reservations. From each of these pages. You can filter the results on these pages by one or more columns and then select +Add to Campaign. 

  1. Navigate to the table you would like to use. The View All Owners and View all Animals tables are found under Left-hand Navigation: Owners & Pets. The View All Reservations table is found under Left-hand Navigation: Reservations.

  2. You can filter by one or multiple columns at once to narrow your search. In any column, click the header to change the sort direction. Click the little filter icon to display advanced search features such as filtering by equals, greater than, less than, not equal to, or in a set range. 




  3. If you would like to filter by a form field that is not yet present on this table, you can add a new column. To add a column to this table, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Owner Form, Admin » Animal Form, or Admin » Reservation Form for the corresponding table. Hover over the field you would like to add to this table and click the pencil edit button. At the bottom of the side window is the Tags section, where you can select View All. Save your changes to the side window and again at the bottom of the form. 

  4. Once you have precisely the list of Owners you wish to target in your campaign, click the Add to Campaign Button on the top right section of the table. 


  5. Click the check box next to one or more existing campaigns or, if needed, create a new campaign from this popup. 


How to: Add to a Campaign from a Report

The majority of reports in Gingr have the +Add to Campaign button on the report. 

1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports and generate a report of your choosing. 

2. From the report generated, click on +Add to Campaign.



3. From the pop up window, check the box to the left of the existing unsent campaign(s) you'd like to add these recipients to, and click Add to Campaign(s) to add the recipients. 

If you have not yet created a campaign click + Create Campaign to create a new campaign. 



How to: Add to Campaign from the Dashboard

From any tab on the dashboard click on the drop-down arrows on the tab and select Add to Campaign.



How to: Edit Individual Recipients from the Campaign Page

You can further customize campaign recipients on a campaign by editing a saved campaign and selecting Manage Recipients

  1. Navigate to the Campaign you would like to edit. It must have at least one recipient added in order to access this button. If there are no recipients yet, use one of the above methods to add at least one owner. Then you will be able to do the following steps. 

  2. Click Manage Recipients.


  3. In the popup, you can type in owner names and click them to add them to the list. You can also click the red "x" icon next to any name to remove them from the campaign. 




What reports can I use to build campaign lists?

Many reports in Gingr can be used to add customers to a marketing campaign group. 
Here is a complete list of the reports that can be used for this:


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