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Overview: What are we talking about?

The CardConnect Batch report is specific to individuals that utilize Gingr's integrated credit card processing with CardConnect. This report provides details on credit card transactions that have been processed in Gingr and sent to the bank. 


This report pulls its data directly from the CardPointe Merchant portal for more information on the CardPointe portal click here. 


Helpful Hints: Before you begin. 

  • This report will only generate data for dates in the last 365 days as CardPointe only stores this information for a year. 
  • Important! The CardConnect batch report can only run for one date at a time. 


How to: Access and run the report.


    1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » CardConnect Batch

    2. Run the report by choosing the Date on which you would like to receive the CardConnect Batch

    3.  Click the Generate Report button.




How to: Review the CardConnect Batch Report


Funding Events

This section provides a summary of the total charges processed and any fees associated with the transactions. Fees may not be charged on every batch. Many Gingr clients opt to have their fees deducted once a month on the 2nd. 


Important! If the batch has not yet been deposited, this section is replaced by a blue banner.





Net Sales

Total credit card charges processed and batched on the selected date. 

Important! If this total does not match the total credit card sales on the revenue by date report it is most likely caused by a transaction processed outside of the standard batch times and the transaction(s) will be included in a separate batch. 

Interchange Fees Variable amounts established by the Card Associations for processing transactions
Other Fees

A range of transaction-based and/or fixed amounts for specific card processing services. 


Ex: PCI Compliance Fee, Terminal Rentals 

Service Charges 

Amounts charged to authorize and settle card transactions 

Adjustments  Amounts credited or deducted from the account to resolve processing or billing discrepancies. 
Other Adjustments  General adjustment classification. Adjustment type not provided by the host. 
Reversals  Transactions that are challenged or disputed by a cardholder or card issuing bank. 
Funding Amount

The total amount deposited after all Fees and Charges are deducted from the Net Sales. 


Important! If you see a negative value in this row, then your account was charged by CardConnect. This most likely occurred due to the processing of the monthly fees and the Net Sales were not enough to cover the charges.



Batch Events

This list provides the full list of credit card transactions included in the batch. This includes all sales and refunds. 




CardConnect Transaction ID 

This is the ID for the transaction in CardConnect/CardPointe. 

This ID can be used to pull transactions in Gingr under Point of Sale » View Closed Invoices and when searching for transactions CardPointe. 

Gingr Transaction ID 

This is the Invoice ID number that the transaction is linked to. 

Important! If this is blank that means the transaction was processed through CardPointe but is not logged in Gingr. Contact Gingr Support. 

Gingr Transaction Time 

This is the date and time at which the transaction was processed in Gingr. 

CardConnect Transaction Total 

The total amount processed through CardConnect. 

Gingr Transaction Total 

The total payment amount associated with the invoice in Gingr. 

CardConnect Transaction Status 

This shows whether the transaction has been Accepted or Declined. 

Split Payment Transactions 

With Gingr, customers have the ability to apply a single payment towards multiple invoices at once. This can be done by paying off a previous balance that may be compiled of multiple invoices or adding a previous balance to the shopping cart with another item. 

With a split payment, one transaction is processed through CardPointe and then divided amongst the associated invoices. What this means is that there is one CardConnect Transaction ID but multiple Gingr invoices IDs. 

This is how those split transactions will display on the CardConnect Batch Report. 


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