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Use this report to compare reservation types per animal, specifically if they have completed one reservation type and completed or not completed another reservation type.


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Report Parameters: 

Navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Reservation Type Comparison Report. Fill out the fields according to the parameters below: 


Setting Description Helpful Hints 
Animal Has Completed

Choose a reservation type that the animal must have completed.


And Has

Select "Completed" or "Not Completed". Choosing "Completed" will show you animals that have completed both reservation types selected. "Not Completed" will show you animals that completed the first reservation type but not the second.



Select the reservation type(s) for which you want to view data depending on the above parameters of "completed" or "not completed".



Select the location for which you wish to view data.

Export to Excel? 

Select this option if you want to export and download the report’s data to an excel file.

You can also print or export this report as a PDF by generating the report and clicking the green "Print to PDF" button below. 


Report Output:

Results  This section includes all pets that have completed the first reservation type selected and also completed or not completed the second reservation type(s) selected.

  • Animal - Displays animal name. Click on the animal name to access the animal's profile.
  • Owner - Displays owner name. Click the owner's name to access the owner's profile.
  • Last Reservation - Displays the scheduled start date and time of the animal's most recent past reservation.
  • # Reservations - Displays the number of total completed, confirmed, or unconfirmed reservations. Does not include canceled reservations.



Exporting the Report and Adding Customers to Campaigns: 

To get a PDF version of this report, first, generate the report, and then click the green "Export to PDF" button at the top of the report. If you'd like to export to a CSV file, check the box "Export to Excel?" in the report parameters at the top of the page. 



Click the "+ Add to Campaign" button at the top of the results section to include owners in a new campaign email or SMS. 





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