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Use this report to generate a list of owners who have a reservation during a specified time frame that also has not signed the selected agreement type.


This article includes: 

  • Report Parameters: How to Generate the Unsigned Agreement Report
  • Report Output: Viewing Attached Owner Accounts
  • Exporting the Report and Adding Customers to Campaigns

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

This report will generate a list of customers that have not signed a specified agreement. If you have multiple agreements, you will have to select one at a time to view this information.

To view your existing agreements, navigate to Settings » Admin » Agreement Templates.

Important Note:
If an agreement is required for a specific reservation type, running this report for specific dates will only show pet parents who have unsigned agreements for reservations starting on the current day or after.


Report Parameters: 

To access the Signed Agreements report, navigate to Book Icon » Reports » Unsigned Agreements Report. From this page, you can adjust the following reporting parameters to tailor the report to your needs.


Report Parameters 

Setting Description Helpful Hints
Agreement Type Select from the list of enabled agreement types in the instance.  
Has Reservations Between Choose a current or future starting date and time to see reservation data starting at this date and time. Leave this field blank to generate a report of all owners that have not signed this agreement. 
And Choose an ending date and time to see reservation data ending at this date and time.  Leave this field blank as well to generate a complete list! 
Export to Excel? Generate the report and then check this box to export a CSV file.  


Report Output: 

Click on the owner name, animal name, or reservation to be redirected to the corresponding details page. 
Owner The owner that has not signed the selected agreement.
Animal Names The pets tied to this owner
Next Reservation If a pet has an upcoming reservation already scheduled, it will show up in this column!




Exporting the Report and Adding Customers to Campaigns: 

If you'd like to export to a CSV file, check the tick box "Export to Excel?" in the report parameters at the top of the page before selecting the blue Generate Report! button. 

Click the "+ Add to Campaign" button at the top of the generated list of unsigned agreements to include owners in a new campaign email or SMS. 





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