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You have the option to select more than one type of lodging/run for a single reservation that spans over more than one date. When a pet moves from one lodging/run to another during a single reservation, this is referred to as a lodging transfer. This article will cover how to use the Lodging Transfer Report to generate a list of pets that are moving from one lodging/run to another lodging/run for a specified date. 


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  • Lodging transfers are only necessary when you have different types of lodgings, like runs, suites, cabanas, etc.
  • Before you get started, ensure you have set up your reservation types for boarding as well as your rates and lodgings.



How to: generate the Lodging Transfer Report.

This section will guide you through how to generate a list of pets who are moving from one lodging/run to another on a specific date by using the Lodging Transfer Report.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Lodging Transfer.
  2. Select the Transferring On Date and click Generate Report for your results.




Report Output: viewing your results.

The Lodging Transfer Report will generate a list of pets that will be moving to a different lodging/run on the specified date. 

The From column is the lodging/run the pet was assigned to on the previous day and the To column is the new lodging/run the pet should be moved to on the Transferring On Date. The report also lists a column to identify when a pet is moving to a different area in the Moving Areas? column.







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