How to Issue a Credit Card Refund with your Gingr Payments Integration

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Overview: What are we talking about?

One of the major perks of using Gingr Payments as your payment processor is you can issue refunds back to your customer’s card directly from your Gingr app. This article will review how to issue a credit card refund back to the customer’s card used at the time of purchase. 


STOP! - The following article is only applicable if you are currently processing payments with Gingr Payments.  


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin 

  • The red arrow in the image below showcases how the refund icon displays in Gingr. 
  • You can issue a refund from the invoice itself by checking the "Refund?" box. 


How to: Issue a refund

  1. Locate the invoice payment you would like to refund from either the customer’s profile » invoices tab, or via the Barcode icon » View Open/Closed Invoices » Open the invoice




2. Open the invoice in question and click the Refund checkbox, and then select the red button to Refund (# of items)


3. In the popup window, select the Refund Reason and enter the amount you wish to refund.

Important! The system will default to the total amount. However, if issuing a partial refund, you will need to edit the amount in the refund field.

Once all fields are completed click the Process Refund button. 




4. The refunded amount will now display at the bottom of the invoice, as well as the invoices section of the customer’s owner profile. Again, this is only true if you are currently integrated with Gingr Payments as your payment processor.





Helpful Hint: 

The refund payout schedule does not necessarily follow the same schedule as payouts. When the refund gets issued depends on when the refund was done and when the payout is scheduled. 


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