Configuring Gingr Payments and Accepting Payments

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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr Payments is our most comprehensive payment processing integration to date for Gingr customers. Gingr Payments’ infrastructure is powered by Stripe, which is an industry-leader for payment management and fraud protection. Gingr Payments has an advantage over our other payment integrations because it is the only integration that you can manage from within your Gingr app. Additionally, it offers synced, in-person payments with a terminal for customers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

In this article, we will cover how to configure Gingr Payments as a payment method in order to accept payments, how to designate a preferred processor if using more than one payment processor, and how to take payments using Gingr Payments.


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Configure Gingr Payments Method (Required)

Once your Gingr Payments account has been created, the next step will be to set up a payment method to use for processing payments. To do this, navigate to Admin » Payment Methods and click the +Add Payment Method button. Here, create a single payment method attached to the Gingr Payments processor, ensuring that the Status is enabled and the Zero Payment setting is disabled.


Note: For multiple locations, it is only necessary to create a single payment method to use for Gingr Payments. The name of this payment method is user-defined, so if your app also uses CardConnect it may be necessary to adjust the names so that they can be easily distinguished at checkout.


Configuring a Preferred Processor (optional)

If your facility uses both CardConnect and Gingr Payments, you can configure a preferred payment processor, which will be what the system uses to process Subscriptions and Customer Portal payments.

To configure a preferred processor, navigate to Admin » Credit Card Processing » Payment Processors. On this table, click to toggle the Preferred Processor? setting for the location to set it as the preferred processor. If no preference is set here, the system will use the oldest payment processor for each location as the preference.



Taking Payments

Once your app is configured with a Gingr Payments account, payments can be immediately processed. When performing a checkout or taking any kind of payment in the app, users will now see the Gingr Payments method as an option in the payment method dropdown.



Once selected, you will see the option to manually enter the card number or to connect to a connected terminal to take payment.


With either option, the payment will be processed immediately, and the payment will be applied to the invoice.

Note: If using a WisePOS E terminal with tipping functionality enabled, the pet parent will be prompted for a tip directly on the card reader. Learn more about how to configure tip settings and accept tips here.


Canceling Payments from the Stripe Credit Card (Wise POS E) Terminal

Sometimes you need to cancel a transaction request at checkout from the cart. This may happen if a discount wasn't added in time, a service price needs to be set, or if you need to adjust the price pushed through to the customer to receive payment.

You can exit out of the payment in Gingr by clicking "Back to Cart" instead of clicking "Complete Checkout" to avoid charging the customer's card on file, or sending the current subtotal to the Wise POS E terminal for the customer to pay via swipe, insert, or tap. 


What if I already pushed the payment through and need to cancel that on the terminal and in Gingr? 

If you pushed the charges through to the Wise POS E terminal by clicking "Complete Checkout", you can click the "Cancel" button to cancel the transaction in Gingr. Screen_Shot_2023-03-01_at_1.24.09_PM.png*Important: Cancelling the transaction from the Cart in Gingr will not cancel the transaction request that has already been connected to the terminal. You will need to also cancel the transaction on the Wise POS E terminal manually. 

  • The Wise POS E terminal will keep the originally submitted subtotal on the screen, so if a customer taps or swipes their CC, the payment will still process in Stripe. This can lead to unattached transactions being pushed through, charging the customer at checkout for the incorrect amount. 
  • To cancel the requested payment amount on the Wise POS E terminal, click the power button on the right side of the terminal to turn it off. Click this again to power back on. You may see an error message that the transaction has been cancelled, and then it will go back to the main homepage for the terminal. This will cancel the payment request from Stripe as well as Gingr to avoid charging any incorrect payments.


FAQ: Check this out!

Can I use Gingr Payments & CardConnect at the same time? 

Yes! Both processors can be used in Gingr at the same time. If you are going to use both processors, make sure to mark your preferred processor as outlined in this article: Configuring Gingr Payments and Accepting Payments.


Can customers leave tips on Stripe terminals?

Yes, on-reader tipping is available with the WisePOS E terminal in the US, UK, and CA. 


What card types are accepted with Gingr Payments?

Gingr Payments can accept most types of credit and debit cards in the United States. For businesses in Canada, Interac debit cards can be accepted via the card terminal and manual entry.


Why did I receive a 'Card on file error' when selecting to save a credit card on file? 

Due to security reasons, when saving credit card details to an owner profile, we do not support tokenizing card details if a digital wallet is used. This means that if a customer uses tap to pay at checkout with their smartphone or watch and the business checks the 'Save Card to File?' option, the below error message will generate and the card information will not be stored. 


All details of the card must be manually entered or the card must be dipped/swiped to successfully save a card on file. 

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