Gingr Payments vs CardConnect

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton

Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr currently offers two direct payment integrations: Gingr Payments and CardConnect. Gingr Payments, powered by Stripe, is our newest integration and will be the future of integrated payments with Gingr. In this article, we will compare the two options, and provide resources for moving onto the Gingr Payments platform.

Important: If you are currently storing cards on file, please review the FAQ's at the end of this article.


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   Gingr_Payments_Powered_by_Stripe.png images.png
Available Countries
  • United States
  • Canada


Terminal Availability

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


Terminal Options


Purchase Only

  • WisePOS E (cost: $249)




Purchase or Rent

  • Clover Mini (cost: $725)
  • Clover Flex (cost: $575)
  • Ingenico Lane/5000 (cost: $575)
  • Ingenico Lane/3000 (cost: $515)

Review terminal options here.

Cards on File

Store TWO cards on file per Owner

Store ONE card on file per Owner

Rates & Fees

Standard Rates: 

  • Card present - 2.72% plus $.05 per transaction

  • Card not present - 2.92% plus $.30 per transaction

 Volume Discounts available

Standard Rates: 

  • Card present - 2.95% plus $.10 per transaction

  • Card not present - 3.4% plus $.10 per transaction



Payout schedules vary by country.

For a full list of payout schedules by country check out this article: Gingr Payments Overview

Batch times are customizable. Choose between next-day or 2-day deposits. 



Switching to Gingr Payments: 

If you are currently using CardConnect, and would like to switch to Gingr Payments, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Sign up for Gingr Payments

Step 2: Order and Configure a Stripe Terminal (optional)

Step 3: Configure Gingr Payments and Start Processing

Step 4: Cancel your CardConnect account

  • Contact our support team to let us know that you have switched to Gingr Payments and would like to cancel your CardConnect account. We will handle the cancellation for you and arrange for the return of any equipment (if necessary). Please note that if you cancel this account, any payments processed via CardConnect cannot be refunded via credit card. They will need to be refunded via cash, check, or another payment method. 




Can I use Gingr Payments & CardConnect at the same time? 

While it is possible to sign up for both processors, it is not recommended to use both at the same time. A preferred processor will need to be selected in your app, which then configures the payment field on the Owner Form making this field specific to the selected processor. Ultimately this will create issues when owners are trying to process payments from the Customer Portal and when trying to use any cards on file on the business end.

If you are going to use both processors, make sure to mark your preferred processor as outlined in this article: Configuring Gingr Payments and Accepting Payments.


If I switch over to Gingr Payments, do I have to keep my CardConnect account?

No! If you have made the switch to Gingr payments and want to cancel your CardConnect please submit a ticket to Gingr's Support Team. 

Please note that if you cancel this account, any payments processed via CardConnect can not be refunded via credit card. They will need to be refunded cash, check, or another payment method. 


Will I keep all the cards on file when I switch to Gingr Payments?

Cards on file will not automatically transfer from CardConnect when switching to Gingr Payments since they are separate processors. At this time the cards on file cannot be migrated over so your customers will need to re-enter their card details through the customer portal.


Can I use my Clover or Ingenico terminal with Gingr Payments? 

No, Gingr Payments only supports the available Stripe terminal. 


Can customers leave tips on Stripe terminals?

Yes, on-reader tipping is available with the WisePOS E terminal in the US, UK, and CA. 


What card types are accepted with Gingr Payments?

Gingr Payments can accept most types of credit and debit cards in the United States. For businesses in Canada, Interac debit cards cannot be accepted via the card terminal at this time. Interac cards can only be used via manual entry in Gingr.


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